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7 Food Packaging Trends Everyone Must Know For 2020

| Published on December 4, 2019

There are certain things everyone in a particular industry must know. Be it analytics in the finance industry, international marketing strategies of the corporates and the latest packaging trends in the food industry, constantly evolving.

Yes, if you are in the food industry, if you are a food blogger or just a customer in the supermarket, these are a couple of trends you should know, not just to be aware but also pleasantly surprised at how fast the world is moving ahead.

1. Personalize it

Food Packaging

Take a look at Toblerone or Starbucks, personalizing the products by the exact name or an individual corporate. The idea has always been to stay in touch with people and reach many more.

2. Connect the emotions

best Food Packaging ideas

After all of this, food brands know how important an opportunity it is to tap into people and their ideas. Brands like McDonald’s have kids and color in their ads, and ofcourse the exclusive offers that vary according to the needs of the targeted crowd.

3. Don’t forget technology

Many brands have shifted to using technology and it’s benefits for the advancement of their products. Recently, Pepsi had a Paytm cashback offer on the sale of its 35 rupees bottle. Using QR codes, chips, AI among many others not only puts a company ahead but also raises sentiments of the users.

4. Bring back the vintage

Food Packaging 2020

Take a look at Starbucks for that, they keep their advertising campaigns very classy and vintage without having it changed for years. Vintage means having those old fonts, trickle-downed logos, and vibe, all together. 

5. Keep it neat

Famous brands, especially restaurant deliveries and fruit sellers have now shifted to transparent packaging, mostly because of two reasons, the customer gets an easy check at their chosen product and to establish trust

6. Sustainable always wins

Various brands have taken inspiration from other industries and started looking at sustainable packaging. Bamboo straws are replacing plastic straws in shops, the paper is being recycled and plastic bags are charged at grocery stores.

7. Keep it basic

Keeping the whole theme of packaging simple and minimalistic helps not only the seller in reducing costs but also appeals to the eye of the customer. It is food, no one wants something too flashy, in fact, people tend to look for the basic instead. Take a look at Amul or Kwality, the ice cream has just the details, logo and a little warm coloring.

You are dealing with the most sensitive item in the industry – Food! It can not only impact the health of the customer but also their thought process, so make sure you make the right use of these trends

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