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7-Eleven Enters Indian Market. Here’s All You Need To Know

| Published on May 5, 2019

Japanese owned 7-Eleven makes it’s way to India with it’s first store in Mumbai !

One news and millions of happy faces. As recent as now Kishore Biyani, Founder and CEO of Future Group confirmed in an interview that they are brining the famous Japanese owners and US headquarters chain 7-Eleven in to city of Mumbai. 

With over 67,000 stores globally 7 Eleven is amongst one of the most popular and demanded brands in the market. The iconic products of the brand will soon be available to the people of Mumbai and the news is already spreading smiles across. 

On Thursday, a Future Group subsidiary, SHME Food Brands, entered into an agreement with the global chain to bring the stores to the country with its first store in Mumbai. 7-Eleven Japan will also help Future Group in implementing and adding local flavours to the stores here.

But what has let people got thinking is as to if the store will remain open 24×7 as they do globally? Well, that may be a problem in the country as not all the states have the permit for shops to remain open throughout the day, except for pharmacies. But wherever the regulations allow it to be open 24×7, the 7-Eleven stores will stay functional round-the-clock.

Keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best like the rest! 

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