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The 7 Most Creative Christmas Campaigns Of All Times

| Published on December 24, 2018

Christmas is truly a celebration time that brings the entire world together. Even in our country, which has so many religions, Christmas is seen and celebrated as a very big festival in most states of the nation. Brands also want to make the most of this time and come up with special campaigns focusing on the festivities. Well, here is a look at some of the best Christmas campaigns of all time from around the world

Harvey Nichols

A very dark humor kind of a campaign which says #SorryISpentOnMyself and showcases people giving smaller and irrelevant gifts to others while spending big bucks on gifts for themselves. It makes for a very unique campaign and was very well received by the audience


The amazing animated story of a carrot is what made this ad extremely popular and garnered great reviews for the brand.

M& M

This cute ad showcasing the amazement of both M&Ms and Santa at discovering each other and acknowledging that they do exist was beautifully done.

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John Lewis

The ad shows how a child is waiting impatiently and desperately for Christmas. Though the parents think that he is desperate to get the gifts, it’s the other way round, the child is actually eager to gift his parents. The essence of brand emphasizing on the ‘gifts you can’t wait to give’ blends very well with the Christmas flavor.


The ad shows some children waiting for Santa and also making arrangements for his breakfast by keeping a box of Kellogg’s so that the Santa remembers them.


The ad takes on hilariously when a woman is given all sorts of Christmas gifts, one better than the other and it seems like the family is competing within itself till her grandmother gifts her a Mulberry bag which she considers bigger than anything else.


A beautiful ad from Coca-Cola that shows how a caravan of Coca-Cola trucks passing by the town are spreading light and happiness all around building on the festivities and the song ‘holidays are coming’just conveys the message beautifully.

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