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7 Countries That Changed Their Names. See How Much It Cost Them

| Published on February 1, 2021

How many times do you come across countries changing their names? This is an uncommon scenario for most individuals as not many countries in the world have changed their names. But a few have, paying 1000s of dollars in their respective currencies. Of course, there are quite a few laws that govern this change. However, these countries are now hailed as they are known today.

These 7 countries will strike your fancy thanks to their new and popular names,


The Northern and Southern parts of Holland were conjoined into 1 last January, as the country came together to be called the Netherlands. This was done to bring all the provinces together, while some believe it may have totally been a marketing move.


The local language of Burma is Myanma. In order to preserve the regional affluence, the military leadership in 1988 decided to rename Burma to Myanmar. However, there arose a conflict of interest within the people. Hence, a number of people still refer to the country as Burma.


Would you ever think of calling the popular holiday destination – Switzerland – as Siam? Thailand got its origin from the first people who settled there after becoming free from China. The king in 1939 decided to rename it Switzerland in 1939.

Irish Free State

To remove all its ties with the United Kingdom in 1937, the Irish Free State renamed itself to Ireland.


Did you know that Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon back in the 15th century? When the Portuguese discovered it at the time, this is the name they gave the country. Ceylon gained independence in 1948 after which it came to be known as Sri Lanka.


Swaziland was more popularly known as Eswatini in Africa, all thanks to their King. It was in 2018 when they renamed the country officially, which had a smooth transition for their people. Also, a number of people confused Swaziland with Switzerland earlier which makes sense on so many levels!

Czech Republic

Czech Republic was too formal a name to commemorate by the country. To make the officiating simpler during sporting events, it was decided in 2016 to rename the country to Czechia. The country constitutes 6 major languages including English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and French.

Source: Brightside

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