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7 Biggest Mistakes People In Sales Must Never Commit

| Published on November 15, 2019

In the modern era, everything has advanced and so should the sales pitch by salesmen. While trying to impress the potential buyer, the salesperson can no more use the elementary cliché dialogues. Gone are the days, when consumers used to fell for ‘Buy me’, now they are totally aware of their rights and their preference and therefore the sales assistant should focus on serving those needs.


There are certain mistakes enlisted below that a sales assistant should never commit:

1. Fake promises

While interacting with the customers, one must be sure to not include any vague points. They should focus on gaining the trust of their customers as that will develop brand loyalty. Unnecessary brags with the too-good-to-be-true offers can instead push them away.

2. Talking constantly

A sales assistant must have a habit of listening to people. Before you start babbling about your products, you must listen to the customers’ requirements. Make sure that the conversation is more about the customers and give them an upper-hand.

3. Suggesting new products

The sales assistant must make sure to not provide too many choices to their buyer. It may manipulate their mind and they may change their preference because of the new suggestion. This might instead lead to a loss a potential buyer as questions will arise in their mind and they would start their research afresh for the new product that you suggested.

4. Bragging

Distorting the facts by adding extra bits into it is one thing that a sales assistant should avoid doing. They should be exact and precise about their products’ specifications. You should not boast as it may displease their customers and doubt the given specifications.

5. Discussing the price too early

While briefing them about the product, refrain from discussing price right in the beginning. Tell them about the product and about its quality first and if they show any kind of positive inclination, you can head on to discuss prices. The sales assistant should first engage the customer in the features of the product, otherwise, even if the price justifies its features, they will not buy it.

6. Saying too little about the product

Rather than just stating the specifications, a sales assistant should also explain them to their customers. They should also not say anything unnecessary or unneeded. Informing them about the features that are unknown and useful to them may add a point in their favour.

7. Having a rigid sales plan

Every individual has a different way of assessing a product. Therefore, applying the same sales tactics on each of them may not work in their interest. You need to adopt a behaviour that aligns well with the attitude of the buyer. If the buyer does not like your vibe, there are almost nil chances that they will like your brand.

Now that you know what to do and what not to do. Never, I repeat NEVER commit these blunders if you seek a successful future as a salesman.

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