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7 Best Ways To Get Viral On Facebook

| Published on April 3, 2021

The appeal of Facebook may be declining for some, but it still rules supreme in the world of social media, simply because of the sheer majority of users on the platform. Since Facebook is not limited in terms of the length of a post, it is one of the most effective ways of generating traffic and popularity for your brand.

Further, Facebook connects. It owns WhatsApp and Instagram and thus, integrations across the three are incredible. Further, Facebook’s monopoly allows it to enjoy a “Share” button on almost any website you can imagine. Thus, if you are looking to get viral on Facebook, gain organic growth, or increase engagement on social media, this guide is for you.

Today, we will discuss 7 effective ways of getting viral on Facebook. Let us dive in.

1. A friend in need…

Charity begins at home and so does your business. Before you can start gaining Facebook followers across the globe, make some friends. Find that long-lost colleague, distant relative, and other connections you can and add them to your list.

The more friends you have, the more you can grow your account or channel, and the more money you will make. Although, be warned. Do not spam your friends. They can unfriend and unfollow you like that and some might even report you. That would prevent you from making more friends or worse, even logging in.

2. Integration (not calculus)

The web is about connecting and integrating and being one (not physically). It should come as no surprise then, that integration is an important part of getting viral. If you have a blog, a YouTube channel, an Instagram channel, or basically anything anywhere that you can integrate into your Facebook account, do it! Not everyone is on one single platform and you will reach a wider audience if you are also available across multiple ones.

3. I spy myself

Your account needs to feel as authentic and as engaging as possible. For this, a high-quality photo of yourself is essential. If you would rather protect your privacy, then at least post a high-quality logo in place of the profile picture. Do not leave it blank, and do not post something random off the internet.

The lack of a profile picture is the number one turn-off for potential friends, audience, customers, and basically anyone.

4. Look Mommy, I cleaned up my page

No one likes a mess unless it is their own and it is not getting them into trouble. Whether you have a business page or a personal account, clean it up and optimize it. Make sure you have a witty and interesting bio uploaded. Further, attach your blogs, social media channels, RSS feeds, and other personal projects. This will make your account look authentic, inviting, and professional, increasing your reach severalfold.

5. Facebook has notes and events feature

There is no point in you just randomly uploading a post about some event you are about to hold. Create some hype. Use the events feature to inform everyone in advance and invite as many people as you can. Even if just one percent of your audience accepts that invitation and visit, you will have achieved your goal.

Besides, even if ninety nine percent of your friends are not interested in your event, they may invite someone they care about, saying “Hey! You’ll like this”, and that means free popularity for you. That is a win.

6. Quality

No matter how many guides you follow and how much money you spend to buy Facebook followers, it will have no effect without quality. Before you do anything on these steps, start creating quality content. Go all out and do not hold back. Do not think “Hey! This is so good that I think I won’t post it right now.” Nuh-uh! Not a great idea.

Instead, stick to a schedule of posting quality content. Something new will always come in today’s dynamic world. You do not have to worry about that. Focus on quality and your followers will increase drastically.

7. But Dad, it is free!

No one says no to free stuff, even if it is just a small eboo. If people can get their hands on something for free and without much hassle, they will flock towards it. Thus, every now and then, hold a giveaway event where you randomly draw names from your followers and give something away. Start off small if your budget is limited. You can even select a group of people for a shoutout and call it a giveaway. The idea is to invite and engage people to connect with you. It will increase your engagement and will not cost much.


These seven tips are the quickest ways of ensuring increased popularity on Facebook, but they are not the sole ones. If you can come up with more, do let us know through the comments box below.

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