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7 Best Hair Extension Brands In India

Excerpt: Hair extension brands in India have revolutionized the beauty industry by offering diverse and innovative products that cater to varying styles and preferences. From natural-looking extensions to vibrant colors and textures, these brands provide options for enhancing hair length and volume seamlessly. With a focus on quality and customization, they empower individuals to transform their hairstyles effortlessly, making them integral players in the evolving beauty market of India..

| Published on June 3, 2023

Best Hair Extension Brands In India

Hair Extension Brands: Not everyone is blessed with long, glossy, thick hair. Hair extensions are highly desired items that facilitate hairstyling that would be challenging with only natural hair. Hair extensions may also be used to lengthen your hair or add glitz to your appearance. Despite the cause, it is important to pick a hair extension that will complement your natural hair.

Hair Extension Brands In India

Extensions can be classified into a variety of categories based on their texture, length, color, volume, and substance. It is crucial to get the one that best suits your requirements. We have compiled a list of the top hair extensions available in India to assist you. To locate the ideal one for you, continue reading.

So what are India’s top hair extension brands?

Go through our ranking of the top 7 Hair extension Brands in India to choose your favorite.



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Nish Hair is the first online retailer of hair extensions in India. Actress Parul Gulati & her mother founded it. What you receive from this place is perfection; you can select from a wide variety of hair extensions in high-quality, 100 percent human hair, so you can get the one that’s suitable for you.

They offer the best removable hair extensions and the quickest shipping times in India and throughout the world. They assist their clients at every stage whether it comes to tresses or hair loss. You can check out the best hair extensions at Nish Hair.


Diva Divine Hair Extensions & Wigs is best the place to go because of the variety of hair extensions they provide. At the most competitive pricing, they provide the greatest quality human hair together with the largest selection of hair extensions & wig goods. They guarantee the quality of their goods and guarantee the quality of their full hair collection.

They not only advertise online but also operate shops in significant cities around the nation where customers can physically view and touch the hair. The 100% human hair clip-in hair extensions offered by Diva Divine are among the best in India and come in a variety of textures, colors, lengths, and weights. Visit Diva Divine to view the whole collection.



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Richa and Raina, two female entrepreneurs, launched 1Hair Stop in 2019 as an online-only alternative to enhance women’s self-esteem and make human hair extensions more accessible in India. They provide a wide choice of fashionable wigs and hairpieces, including balayage, face-framing highlights, and hair in various types and textures.

The designers decided to produce crown pieces, hair toppers, and wings that are appropriate for Indian hair or skin types in order to satisfy a need in the Indian market. Elevating Beauty and Elevating Confidence is their mission. Visit 1 Hair Stop to view the whole collection.



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“Bblunt hair extensions provide you the ability to exress your hair artistry. “The greatest clip-in and removable hair extensions in India are offered by BBLUNT if you’re seeking long, voluminous hair extensions.

These simple-to-attach clip-on extensions are designed specifically for Indian hair and come in both crazy colors (BBLUNT color quickies) and natural hair hues. They are available in two designs: “B Hive Volume on Crown Clip-in Hair Extensions” and “B Long Length & Volume clip-in hair extensions”.


SalonLabs Virgin Hair Extensions manufactures and exports a comprehensive selection of high-quality Hair Extensions and Hair Wigs in India. Unlike other businesses, they are rather open about the sources of their hair. They utilize domestically produced 100% Remy raw hair.

Their product line includes Remy Indian Temple Bulk Hair, Remy Clip-in Hair Extensions, Curly Human Hair Extensions, Wavy Human Hair Extensions, Straight Human Hair Extensions, Lace Closures, Lace Wigs, Lace Frontals & 360 frontals, and many more items.


Instalength is a luxury 100% Remy Clip-in Hair Extensions Business that operates online. Depending on the required hair volume, they provide a large selection of detachable hair extensions divided into 3 categories.

The clip-in hair extensions cost a fraction of what other types of hair extension manufacturers do and are available in 3 various textures (naturally wavy, naturally straight, and naturally curly), 5 different trendy colors, and 5 lengths. They have created clip-in extensions with tiny clips and a special silicone strip that won’t harm your natural hair and scalp.


Alchemane Hair Extensions specializes in wigs for patients as well as clip-in, tape-in, micro ring, and keratin bond extensions. These hair extensions may be styled and colored in any way you like without affecting the quality of the hair extensions because they are created of 100% genuine Indian Remy double-drawn hair. In B-town, they are also well-liked by celebs.

They are specialized in customization. Customized hair extensions fit in effortlessly because all features of hair extensions, such as volume, color, length, texture, and base design, may be customized to get the desired look.

How to Choose the Best Hair Extensions For Yourself?

Your natural hair will soon gain volume and length thanks to hair extensions, which will increase your confidence and self-esteem. The price range for high-quality hair extensions in India is between Rs 200 and Rs 900. We advise you to review the criteria that guided our choice of the top hair extensions in India before proceeding with our list of suggestions.

7 Best Hair Extension Brands In India


While purchasing hair extensions, you must first think about the fact that the extensions are made of synthetic materials or actual human hair.


There are many different kinds of hair extensions. Nonetheless, tape-ins and clip-ins are the most widely used options. You may get clip-in hair extensions for short-term, do-it-yourself extensions. Choose accordingly.


The quality of the extensions is the next factor you should consider before purchasing them. The greatest hair extensions are likely to be ones made from genuine hair. Human hair extensions could last a whole year with proper maintenance.


Synthetic hair extensions have a different texture and behavior from actual human hair, and they may appear stiff. We advise utilizing human hair extensions if you want a look that looks truly realistic with your hair.

Styling Options

The same styling and treatments work equally well on human hair extensions as they do on natural hair. Human hair extensions make it simple to style your hair in anyway you want—coloring, curling, or straightening are all options. On the other side, synthetic hair is the total opposite.

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