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7 Best Baby Diaper Brands In India 2021

| Published on May 26, 2021

Looking for healthy and breathable pads for your babies and toddlers? For 2 decades, India has seen the rise of some great baby diaper brands. There are also some Made in India brands doing the rounds for their safe and sustainable features.

Look for these 5 brands on the shelf to keep your young ones happy and healthy.


MamyPoko was the first brand ever to come up with pant-style diapers for babies. This makes wearing the pads comfortable as they feel they are wearing their own garments. It provides leakage and keeps the area dry. It also helps prevent odors.

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Easy Teddyy

Easy Teddyy is a product from Nobel Hygiene Pvt Ltd. with pant style diapers, mostly suitable for infants. You can avail of normal, pant style and premium diapers.


Even though Huggies is an American brand, it has been fast selling in India for a lot of years and was the first of its kind in the 1900s. The company sells disposable diapers as well as baby wipes for infants to toddlers. The diapers are super absorbent and made to last for long hours without providing discomfort to your baby.


Pampers manufactures high-quality diapers for babies. They are easily disposable and marketed by Procter & Gamble. Their disposable quality makes them ideal for daytime as you play and pass your day with your baby.


Himalaya is a herbal company noted for its various skincare and healthcare products. It has also released its range of baby care products including wipes and diapers. You can check out the whole range at

Bella Baby

Bella Baby is a wholesale brand containing a number of brands like Quinny and Baby Bjorn. It is a London-based brand that has been recently introduced in India. Due to its variety and versatility, the brand is loved by new mothers of today.


You can find all baby care and mother care products including baby wipes, diapers, sterilized bottles, breastfeeding supplies, and baby oral and dental care. Its affordability and versatility give it an edge against other baby care brands in India. You can find their entire catalog at

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