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7 Best AI Content Detectors To Use In 2023

| Published on March 6, 2023

AI writing tools grow increasingly common, there is an urgent need for an equally powerful AI content identification tool to maintain your content unique.

The Internet is exploding with AI-generated content. It’s now simpler than ever before for content creators to write text rapidly with the availability of so many AI creative content creator tools. The model utilized by the majority of AI writing tools, GPT-3 (short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3), produces patterns that can be detected by the top AI content detection tools.

The best AI content detection technologies currently on the market are described in the article. You will discover which tool works best in real-world situations.

How Reliable Are Artificial Content Detectors?

It’s wise to assess the accuracy of the finest AI content detectors before learning more about them. The sad fact is that there isn’t a 100% accurate AI text detection technology. The accuracy of the various tools Marketing Mind examined varied between 65% & 90%. The main reason for this is the incredible natural language processing abilities of AI writing tools. Contrarily, AI text detectors are still lagging behind these highly effective AI writing tools.

Top AI Content Detectors


The tool Originality.ai, as its name indicates, employs AI to identify AI. That may seem strange, but it utilises machine learning and examines the phrase structure to determine whether the material is unique. Also, this application looks for plagiarism to confirm that the written content is unique. These benefits and drawbacks should be considered if Originality.ai is going to be your go-to tool.


A platform called Writer gives businesses and agencies the resources they need to create engaging content. To assist users in maintaining the originality of their material, it also has a reliable AI text detector. Writer gained popularity because of its simple integrations and accessibility for several third-party platforms, including Chrome, Contentful, and Figma. On Writer.com, the AI Content Detector scans user-submitted content and evaluates it against a collection of other texts, including books, websites, and other resources.


An AI-powered tool for detecting plagiarism is called Copyleaks. It can also function as an accurate AI content detector or provide findings, though. Furthermore, according to its website, it can recognize information produced using either ChatGPT or the newest GPT 3.5 model.

The ability of Copyleaks to find a text from almost any NLP model, such as the newest ChatGPT3, is its most crucial feature. In our test, the reported accuracy of 92% held. The software was able to determine if the material was accurately created by AI.

Content At Scale

Another trustworthy method for analysing text to determine if it was created by a human or an AI is content at scale. It’s a free platform with a tonne of additional capabilities, like content curation & SEO improvement. Free Content is accurate and powerful enough to identify material created by GPT 3 as well as other AI models even though it is at scale. That is in the neighbourhood of 85%.


The newest player in the AI text detection market is called Crossplay. This user-friendly web tool has a respectable level of accuracy in identifying text produced by AI. Crossplag uses powerful machine learning techniques & the processing of natural language to identify the distinctive patterns in text produced by artificial intelligence. Results are shown on a severity scale from green to red, with green denoting user-generated material and red denoting artificial intelligence.

Kazan SEO

Try out Kazan SEO if you’re looking for an AI text identification solution with an emphasis on SEO. In addition to AI content identification, this interactive tool has many more capabilities. There are tools for keyword clustering, text extraction, SERP overlap, and content optimization. In conclusion, Kazan SEO is a viable option for those seeking a full array of SEO tools with superior AI content identification skills.

GLTR (Giant Language Model Test Room)

GLTR should be used if text produced using the “GPT2 NLP model” is your main focus. The united team from the MIT-IBM Watson AI lab & HarvardNLP created the free AI text recognition tool known as GLTR, which refers to the “Giant language model test” room. The tool’s main objective is to identify automated text produced by language models, and it has a link to the open AI GPT2 model that is accessible to the general public.

Wrap Time

For their online enterprises, digital marketers have been employing AI content authoring solutions like Article Forge, Jasper AI, Anyword, Copy AI and others for the past several years.

Despite being useful, these tools are only helpers. It is not recommended to copy and paste the text produced by these AI systems exactly as it is. Several websites that have popped up in the previous few years and employ these technologies to publish dozens of articles each day may face an approaching day in the near future as AI-detecting algorithms progress and Google starts classifying them as spam.

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