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2 minutes read

7 Ad Fails That Prove How Important ‘Right Marketing Team’ Is

| Published on January 1, 2021

Advertising and marketing play a pivotal role in marking a brand’s success. Some companies spend lakhs and lakhs of rupees on their marketing budget to make sure that they make the desired impact in the market.

However, some are unlucky to have found a marketing team that just doesn’t understand the seriousness while others are just having a bad day at work.

Here are 7 ads fail that are giving us the cringe real bad.

No Plus Size Models Available?

A leggings brand fails to hire a plus-size model for a plus size leggings. The pictures are a disappointment on the company’s creative team.

Best Family Attraction? Really?

Edinburg’s tourism department should seriously look into it. A urinal cannot be a family attraction in any part of the world.

Single bed Or Double bed?

A mattress brand was seen selling their product in a very confusing way. The box of the single bed showed 2 people sleeping on it while the double airbed had one person enjoying a nap. Talk about printing error… Or was it on purpose? Well… We’ll never know.

Best Glue Ad Ever

It must have been embarrassing for the glue company when their own banner could not stay put to the wall. If only someone told them to use their own product.

Under The Bed Storage Bag

The area below the bed does have a lot of space and a storage bag will surely come in handy, the ad above does display that however, the kid along with the storage bag under the bed is confusing in so many ways.

Nutella Hoodie

We are all for the Nutella craze but this hoodie design has taken the craze to the next level. Do you thing you would like to own one of these?

Black Head Remover??

The whiteheads and blackheads on the nose do cause a lot of issues and there are some pretty amazing devices that do come in handy but comparing a nose full of whiteheads with strawberry is not the right way to explain. Kills the appetite for it if anything.

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