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60-Year-Old Man Does Pushups To Prove That He Is Fit To Get Hired

| Published on September 23, 2020

A former CEO took a break from his job and is now looking for a new one through LinkedIn. He is 60 years of age, but does that stop anyone from applying? People still have the will and enthusiasm to work, and that is exactly what Paul Marks wants to convey through this powerful video.

He is in firm shape even at his age and just carried out some push-ups in this video. Mind you, pushups are not that easy as they look. He has 40 years of experience but is not getting too many offers on job hiring platforms, mostly because of his age. To break the stereotypes, he posted this video of himself that definitely has his followers thinking as well.

Paul Marks doing Press ups

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year, he lost his job like many others in the world. It has definitely been a tough time for most professionals. However, he has not lost his hope. Thankfully, by posting this video, he has garnered at least a million followers who are talking about this trend of not being able to apply for jobs after a certain age.

He has used the present ‘Call to Action’ feature that most brands use to invite customers. Rather than going to a regular gym, he did this outside his house itself. What is better than your natural setting, nestled away from the public dilemma of getting infected during the pandemic? His video is just the right amount of perfect.

He did not post the video to prove that he is was looking for a job. He just wanted to attract people’s attention so that they could at least look at his resume. Most recruiters discard applications based on the profile pictures. Hardly a few take time to see a perosn’s resume and then judge accordingly, especially for those who are beyond a certain age.

We hope Paul gets a number of recruiters asking him for interviews one after the other!

Source: India Times

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