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The Earnings Of This 6 Year Old Boy By Reviewing Toys On Youtube Will Make You Feel Jealous

| Published on December 10, 2017

The earnings of a 6-year-old boy will make most of the people reading this jealous. This guy name Ryan is making $11 million from youtube just by reviewing toys in his channel Ryan ToysReview. It is a family run Youtube channel which started in March 2015 and since then the popularity of this elementary school going child is increasing in big numbers.

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The channel was a hit from its video in which Ryan reviewed the “GIANT EGG SURPRISE” box containing over 100 toys from Pixar’s “Cars” series. This video has about 800 million views to date.


You will be surprised to know that it was Ryan’s idea to make a Youtube channel for reviewing toys, a smart child he is!. The channel’s videos now also feature food products with their reviews. The parents take care of the camera and editing work of the videos. According to Ryan’s parents, they will continue to make the videos as long as Ryan enjoys making them and it doesn’t upset his daily routine.

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The channel has around 10 million subscribers presently which generates $1 million a month in advertising revenue alone.

Check out a video from his channel below

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