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3 minutes read

6 Video Hacks Every Social Media Marketer Should Follow

| Published on September 27, 2017

Video tips for Social Media

Gone are the days when Social Media Marketing was related to text and images only, Using videos for marketing is the latest trend which is followed by everyone, this is mainly because the people on social media love to watch videos whether they are of any informative purpose or just for the entertainment.


Below are some tips every Social Media Marketer should follow while using video as content for the promotion.

1. Optimize your video for autoplay

Facebook decided to make the autoplay feature available on their videos so that they can make a lot of lazy audiences to watch the video automatically without even clicking it, they gave the option to listen sound or not and the viewer can avoid watching the video just by scrolling down the timeline. So if you want your video to do well you should make the first 10 seconds of your video most interesting to engage people to watch the complete video.

2. Write captions for your videos

Believe it or not, almost 75% of the Facebook users watch the videos without sound, so in order to provide the message without sound, you should use relevant captions below the video.

3. Upload videos directly

Don’t use video links uploaded on Youtube, Vimeo and other platforms for sharing them on Social Media, All the Social Media Networks have made their algorithms in a way that they support the native videos better than from an external source.

4. Choose an attractive thumbnail

Uniqueness is still the best way to get noticed on social media and in order to get user attention even the thumbnail matters a lot, so always use an eye-catching thumbnail for the videos you post on social media with a snappy title.

5. Go live


The audience enjoys when the pages or personalities go live on social media as they can watch the live events even when they are miles away, the live comments offer a chance to create a two-way conversation between brand and audience.

6. Use paid ads for videos

If you really want to increase your reach on social media using paid ads is still a very good idea and trying videos to provide the information you want to convey is the best as a video says a lot more than the images and text.

7. Cut your long videos into smaller ones

In this busy world, no one has the time to watch so long videos so it is best to cut your long videos into smaller ones to avoid getting ignored due to so much content that is being uploaded within seconds on social media networks. Make the short-form video as a part of your overall social media strategy and reach your audience to make a huge impact in very little time.

To summarize it videos are already the best form of content to be shared on Social Media and if you are doing any Social Media marketing campaign you must follow some basic tips for engaging audience in an interactive way.

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