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6 Times Brands When Brands Transformed Instagram’s UI Into A Successful Trend

| Published on August 27, 2020

Social media has become a crucial part when it comes to marketing & advertising for brands. Nowadays, the marketing teams of many brands put in a lot of thought & creativity before launching their campaigns online. Since the audience pool is huge & opinionated, brands always need to up their game with each new post.

While Twitter witnesses its fair share of brand engagement, Instagram has always been a popular platform when it comes to creative campaigns & trends.

Today we bring you 06 such Instagram interfaces that served as the standpoint of every brands’ ad campaigns.


Normally when you tap on a post on Instagram you can see the other Instagram handles tagged on the post. This feature was cleverly used by many brands to bring out the creative side. Brands would normally create new accounts just to tag them in the post. Tap on the below Godrej Aer post and you’ll see it for yourself.


Two Arrows

This was yet another creative trend started by Fake Ad Co. on Instagram. In this, the brands would place two arrows facing different directions to give away a quirky message. Soon after many other brands followed Fake Ad Co. in the trend.


Tag Icons

Swiggy India started a trend on Instagram that picked up a lot of momentum. In this, the brands would place icons spread across one post and close together in the other, depicting exactly how people would react in different situations.



#5Steps was a format where five arrows were placed in a way that they point to various elements in the Instagram interface.  Each arrow pointed towards the services offered by the brand and how you could make most of it.



In this creative trend, the post would be divided by an image of the door. On the one side, the consumer’s needs were mentioned while on the other side the brand’s name when tapped on the screen.


Saving Mode

Instagram’s ‘Save’ button might be the most used interface of the app however the ‘Saving Mode’ trend did not become as popular. Many brands used this feature creatively & placed their product or service over the save button which the customers could save. Just take a look at the Kenstar India‘s #savingmode post.


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