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6 Smart Psychological Tricks Starbucks Uses In Their Marketing To Make You Buy More

| Published on July 8, 2020

When you hear the words ‘Let’s Grab a Coffee’, what comes to mind? The answer to all of us will be just one: Starbucks!

A drive down to Starbucks so that you can choose from a wide menu which has millions of components, makes the soul dance. The aroma, the ease of takeaways, and your personalized coffee cup, you feel valued.

However, you are often forced to wonder, how does the world-known Brand keep its brand image and customer traction high, even when it has often been called an expensive place to find your daily dose of coffee at!

The secret recipe to Starbucks success lies in its crazy yet effective psychological tricks, that it incorporates at worldwide stores to keep a steady flow of revenues!

1) Not-so comfy furniture

Stabucks marketing

Aside from the layout of Starbucks, where most tables are crammed together and there is hardly any corridor space, Starbucks surprisingly puts extra efforts to have sturdy and backless chairs. There is a reason why no customer can manage to sit on those chairs for more than 30mins.

So even if you might have wanted to chat with your friend over coffee, you’ll prefer to make it a takeaway and go for a walk, leaving space for a new customer.

2) The exclusive aura

Every time you step into Starbucks or check their social media handles, they always have a limited-edition drink making the rounds. These drinks are not just unique to the Brand but are also exclusive because of short tenure on the menu.

This way, a rush of orders come in because nobody, nobody in this generation wants to miss out on what’s trending!

3) Interio Lighting

Starbucks follows a very simple yet straightforward way to light its area, with the dining area having a dark misty vibe whereas the order counter and the product shelves are always well-lit.

The idea is to attract your mind to the light as soon as you enter the store so that you know where to spend your money at!

4) Unique Roasting

For the beginners, you must know that a strong roasting process makes your coffee extremely bitter. So even if you usually prefer black coffee, a Starbucks black brew isn’t something you can easily get accustomed to.

Which is why, most people prefer to buy Lattes or Frappuccino’s at the store outlet, even if the espresso is cheaper. So, you buy an expensive drink because the brand knows your taste buds well!

5) The luxury vibe

Starbucks has made a name in the elite club, not just because of its store design but also because of the customer service it gives. Very rare coffee shops have windows for customers to feel a personal connection with baristas directly interacting with them.

Along with that, the premium way of using high-quality coffee glasses, top-class décor and presentation, it urges you to spend more, so that you get to be a part of something luxurious and unique!

6) Power of branding


Along with everything else, Starbucks knows where to spend its earnings. From astounding amounts of money used in marketing, it has kept its commercials as fan favourites, over the past few years.

From its reward system to its customized products, it wants the customer to feel at home, to trust the brand.

Starbucks even takes care of minute details like placing the cash register right so that the customer can absorb the store feel first and keeping menu prices not rounded up to not attract attention to change, all done to make the most out of its business model. When it’s a win, it is a win.

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