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6 Major Changes Bought To Beauty Industry By The Pandemic

| Published on June 15, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic helped channel our inner beauticians, with many of us helping ourselves in keeping our faces and body clean, glowing, and prim on our own. While some programs like corporate social responsibility, personal hygiene, and the idea of self-care gained momentum long ago, other beauty trends, like some bizarre beauty hacks, and self-given haircuts haven’t really been appreciated.

Let’s see what the coronavirus did, which altered the landscape of the beauty industry, and experts believe that these changes are here to stay.

1. Digitalization

With physical stores shutting down during the pandemic, beauty and wellness e-commerce sites saw a massive rise and popularity. With many try-on and shopping assistance tools developed and made available for
customers, it helped keep the clock ticking. Also, online beauty product buying affected purchase behaviors, with more beauty shopping happening online, even today, at physical stores.

2. Retailing

Though retailing became less preferred, it is expected to bounce back. This is because even today, people see value in taking things that are in front of them. They want to experience or feel products before purchasing them.

This is why keeping hygiene in mind, companies are undertaking effective methodologies to adapt to this concern, for example, re-developing testers with proper hygienic measures.

3. Hygiene

The focus on hygiene is here to stay for long. In fact many brands are making products that give importance to hygiene, for example, Dove’s anti-bacterial body wash, or using turmeric in face washes.
Even contactless payment methods have developed and are still being used to as to re-enforce the concept of hygiene.

4. Sustainability

The pandemic has forced us to see our planet in a different light. An increasing population is adopting sustainability practices, even post-pandemic. This is more because of our mentality of doing more with less, as products were scarce during the pandemic.

People are no more wasting resources on use-and-throw items, nor are they hoarding, but adapting a minimalistic attitude toward beauty buying. And this change is here to stay for long.

5. Inclusion and equity

This change, if many would agree or choose to disagree, comes from the recent pandemic too. With more people becoming accepting and seeing people as humans first, rather than judging on one’s sexual orientation, people have found a voice, and beauty brands are adopting inclusion and equity in their day-to-day running, be it employment or production.

6. Self-Care

Now this concept, though around for a long time, is here to stay- maybe forever and then become a part of one’s routine. Taking care of ourselves especially using clean, natural beauty products and ingredients is rising in importance. Spending time with family, nutritious food, and a stroll in the fresh air, is all a part of this self-care, which people have adopted and are keeping an important part of their routine life.

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