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6 Main Ways How India Is Staying Engaged Under Lockdown

| Published on April 4, 2020

No one has thought that lockdown will be so tough. People did many things, still doing it, and finally somehow coming to terms with an unprecedented scenario.

6 Main Ways How India Is Staying Engaged Under Lockdown

So what India is doing to stay engaged during this period of lockdown?

Here is what we found.

Live Concerts On Social Media

It is something which personally impresses me. ET reported, on March 29, day five of the 21-day lockdown, Instagram launched Live in your Living room, a virtual music festival featuring 14 artists including Armaan Malik, Lisa Mishra, Arjun Kanungo, and Monica Dogra among others who performed on the app’s IG live feature for half an hour to make way for the next artist. Instagram said its live views have increased by more than 60% in the last week.

Music platform Hungama Artist Aloud in association with Facebook is broadcasting a series of music performances, on Facebook Live, each day at 4 pm for the next 15days, featuring artists such as Shibani Kashyap, Manasi Scott and Mame Khan.

The quality of evolution is something that sets human beings apart from the rest of the creatures and live concerts on social media is a perfect example of it.

Playing Online Games

Ludo King and PUBG come as a saviour for youth in the time of lockdown. Well, banned websites you know what I mean also played their part, but gaming is the lifeline of youth. Gaming App usage has gone up by 110 percent.

E-Books and News App are New Cool

As all this lockdown and social distancing is caused by coronavirus, people want to stay updated on what is happening in the country because of this virus. Therefore, News Apps have witnessed a 30 percent surge in usage. E-Books and Comic apps are new time-pass or time utilization depending on what you read have also witnessed a 200 percent growth.

Watching Ramayan, Shaktimaan and Mahabharat

Well, there are no words to describe the legendary DD National. What TV channels and OTT players have not done to garner views, but they did not understand the heart of India still throb for its culture and values. According to an official statement released by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Thursday, the show has managed to earn the highest-ever rating for a Hindi General Entertainment Channel (GEC) programme since 2015 when the Broadcasting Audience Research Council (BARC) started measuring the television audience.

Watching Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon Prime

The surge in viewers of Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon Prime was the most obvious and first thing that happened as a result of lockdown. There were many people who for months were postponing the series and shows they wanted to watch, and finally, the lockdown has provided them with the necessary window to watch all the things in the wishlist.

Web Surfing & Spending time on Social Media

This is something that most people are not doing consciously but just by instinct. That’s why I put it last. It is not something we do especially. It’s just happening by the flow. People are surfing more on the web, sharing more on social media, and connecting more on social media. Reacting to memes and sharing them is my personal best way to stay engaged.

So this was the six main ways how India is staying engaged under lockdown.

How you are staying engaged in this time of lockdown?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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