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6 Jobs That May Be Gone In Next 10 Years

| Published on March 18, 2019

Change is the law of nature and this statement is correct for everything we see and experience today. Things that were impossible to even imagine just 2 decades ago have become a part of our lives now and this will continue in future also.

Automation which includes both mechanized robots and artificially intelligent software programs are becoming very famous in western countries. Soon, these will conquer all the major industries replacing humans from jobs.

After studying employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics related to job growth and decline, we are sharing some of the jobs that will be almost completely gone within the next decade. Have a look:



Most of our financial tasks are now done by just sitting at our homes and using mobile apps. Cashiers are slowly being replaced with self-checkout kiosks. Amazon is looking to take this further and is experimenting with stores that don’t have checkout lines at all.

Travel agents

6 Jobs That May Be Gone In Next 10 Years

People are getting dependent on online sites for booking everything for their trips. Due to this, travel agents are decreasing day by day and will become very very rare in the coming years.


6 Jobs That May Be Gone In Next 10 Years

There was a time when most of the companies used telemarketers to promote their schemes and products and now they are getting replaced by robot callers. Robocalls are more productive and eliminating the need for employers to pay people to do it.


6 Jobs That May Be Gone In Next 10 Years

After the success of e-readers such as Kindle, public libraries are struggling to stay in the market. Today, people are preferring reading rooms which rely on volunteers to check everything. Schols and colleges are also converting their books to digital formats. All this is making the value of librarians and their helpful knowledge obsolete.


6 Jobs That May Be Gone In Next 10 Years

Driverless cars are a reality now but this is a sad thing for those who make a living out of driving, such as taxi and Uber drivers.



After the introduction of Apple’s Siri and Google Now, we can guess that typists are in danger now. Voice recognition is getting better through machine learning algorithms and anyone can now dictate a text message or email easily.

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If you know more such jobs, do share them with us so that we can update this information.

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