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6 Interesting Facts About Swiggy Founders Sriharsha Majety & Nandan Reddy

| Published on December 5, 2019

Swiggy Founders Sriharsha Majety And Nandan Reddy have this charm that never fails to inspire us as onlookers of the growth and users of the application we use on a daily basis. These founders are from the business background itself and they believe that entrepreneurship runs in their veins.

Let’s check out some of the most interesting and unknown facts about Swiggy founders.

1. Their First Failed Venture

Their first business model was Bundle which was shut down within a year. The founders stated that as companies like E-Bay and Flipkart wanted to handle their deliveries and shipping on their own, Bundle was not of much use and did not come handy.
They realized they had to come up with something new and innovative and they were thankful that they did not have any kind of debt, employees or investors at that time which gave them enough space of mind to think of something new.

2. Bundle

Bundle was a logistics company which the Swiggy founders had set up in 2013. They wanted and planned to be a part of the shipping sector. Their motif behind Bundle was to make shippings the fastest across the country but they could not do much for Bundle and shut it down within a year.

3. Belief In Stubbornness

They believe that stubbornness has brought them a really long way into the business. Harsha, specifically, stated that he has always been stubborn about things that he had wanted to do. Stubbornness was something that has always excited and inspired him.

4. A Technology Co-Founder

They struggled to find a Tech Co-Founder for the company to build and design their product. They said it was the hardest to find someone to be a part of this startup as a tech co-founder as it was a huge risk and nobody agreed on to take it. So, finally, they hired a contractor to do it.

5. Failures

Failure is something we all face, at some point in time. Their first failure did not scare them. They wanted to learn from every mistake they had made and everything that had, in the beginning, went wrong with Swiggy. So, they did and succeeded to bring Swiggy to such heights.

6. Swiggy Merits

They are grateful to have come up with an idea that was extremely original at that time and something which was not being compared to anything else. The founders could not give more to the customers than the fastest delivery possible, no restriction on food orders and live track of the order on the app.

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