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2 minutes read

5 Image Marketing Lessons We All Should Learn From Zomato

| Published on January 23, 2019

In the day and age of e-commerce, Zomato has been dominating the food delivery sector. The enrollment of Zomato gold for Dine-in facility has proved to be their game changer.

However, behind all of this, if you look at their creative content marketing strategy and the method, it will take you to the reality behind their success.

1. They look into the fun aspect

More so than marketing, they focus on entertainment based marketing. Every advertisement you see, either on a billboard or your phone, is bound to make you smile. It has a message that will make you smile and hence remember it.

2. Delivering old messages with a new approach

Not only does the company preach the approach of trying out a different take on things, but their campaigns also prove to be so. The message or statement might be old, but the delivery of it is completely new and differently packaged, Just like your food!

3. Fresh and topical content

It seems like the content team is very well versed with activities happening around. They are not only aware of what is going on, but they also know to use it to their advantage without making it all mainstream. Their advertisements become trendy and relevant all the time.

4. They know the engage audience code

Zomato and its social media posts are known to be liked, thoroughly viewed and shared. They follow the Keep it simple and short approach. Usage of simple industry jargons and terms, twisting them to suit their purpose allows customer engagement and attention.

5. They stick to the basic purpose

The company is very clear in its objective and goal. They know they are a part of the growing food sector, their customers and market share. They focus on targeting the same audience and post content that would be of importance to them.

So, start following them on social media if you aren’t. Don’t waste the opportunity for some fun and trendy food-facts!

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