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6 Famous Brands That Have Different Names In Different Countries

| Published on March 12, 2019

Brand-name, the name by which a company is recognized by people, which goes on to create a mark so much so that a lot of times the product is synonymous with the brand! For instance, a lot of us end up saying a packet of ‘Lays’, instead of a packet of ‘Chips’. It’s nothing but the extraordinary marketing of Lays, that now the product itself is recognized with the brand.

Some of the acclaimed brands bugged out contrary to the principle of a rigid brand name and adopted different names in different countries only to expand and encourage sales:

#1 Burger King

The fast-food champion is making the world a happy place by reaching out to 100 countries with more than 15000 outlets. All its outlets have the same brand-name except the ones present in Australia. In the Kangaroo-land, it is known by the name- Hungry Jack’s. This was mainly because the country has a fast-food-chain with the same name. To avoid trademark disputes the name was changed.

#2 Lay’s

Lay’s potato chips are a part of our daily mutual lives. Owned by PepsiCo, the snack-food is loved by people all around the world. Though the love for the chips is mutual everywhere, the name differs from one country to another to accelerate the local-market. Walkers in the UK, Smith’s in Australia, Sabritas in Mexico and Poca in Vietnam.

#3 Whisper

Whisper, every girl’s partner during her menstrual cycle. This Procter&Gamble women hygiene brand is known as Always in USA and Canada, Lines in Italy, Orkid in Turkey and Whisper in Australia and Asia. Although a petition has been filed on Change.org for a change of name from Whisper to Roar, as India women are no more ‘whispering’ about their menstrual cycles.

#4 Vicks

Vicks, our go-to medicine for cold and cough was forced to change the name to Wick in Germany due to the language barrier. Apparently, German’s pronounce V as F and this bought Procter&Gamble in a troublesome place as Ficks in German means sexual penetration.

#5 Axe

Axe, the grooming survival-kit for men. Owned by Unilever, the brand was compelled to change the name to lynx in countries like – UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and China due to trademark issues.

#6 Kwality Wall’s

Kwality wall’s, the ice-cream brand synonyms to ice-creams in India. The brand comes under Heartbrand family of Unilever. The parent company – Unilever acquired and established many of the local ice cream brands of different countries and brought them under the Heartbrand family. Some of the few name and countries are – Algida in Italy, Wall’s in the UK, Streets in Australia and Frigo in Spain.

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