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These 6 Clothing Brands We Wished Could Make A Comeback!

| Published on August 11, 2017

Nowadays we can find a whole lot of brands in the market. With different trends flowing in fashion, even new brands are coming up but there are certain brands that we are too much attached to. They might be no more in the market but we have a nostalgia attached to them. Sometimes we wished they could make a comeback all over again!

Those brands that started to bring about the style quotient in you does exist no more. What could be worst? Today we list for you the clothing brands we wished was back again. What if they need a little bit of encouragement and come back again in the market?

1. Nautica

Brand Lifespan: 1983-2003 (under David Chu)
Key Pieces: Bright, nautical windbreakers and sailing jackets

How badly do you want this to come back? The multi-colored pullovers and sailor striped jackets were always a hit. They still can be found in some platforms like e-bay but not the old one that David Chu owned as it was sold it on 2003. Current owners VF Corporation can make its comeback possible with a bang just announcing a new collection and renewing those old days.

2. Pegleg NYC

Brand Lifespan: 2006-2010
Key Pieces: Rose-embroidered gear, color-blocked basics

Pegleg was a hit back in 2006 when men’s shirts, jeans, and jackets became a huge hit among the mass.
Designed by Harry McNally, Bobby Waltzer, and Nick Poe, PegLeg’s collections were mostly colorful and blocked ones. Now, this is a hit among all other brands. Due to some misunderstandings, it all got ended but it can surely make a comeback as it is the first brand to originate that style.


3. Warner Bros.

Brand Lifespan: 1991-2004
Key Pieces: Anything with Looney Tunes characters on it

Oh, this was our favorite! Admit it! The looney toons merchandised clothes, even the jeans jackets had patched cartoon characters. Not to mention that fashion is back again now. We won’t be surprised if Warner Bros. makes a comeback.


4. Pervert

Brand Lifespan: Early ’90s-1995
Key Pieces: Streetwear/Skate wardrobe staples

It was a hip hop inspired brand that had street style clothes. It was so cool back then in the 90s. The brand started with Supreme Creative Director Brendan Babenzien’s skills and was a huge hit. Sporty jackets and tops were the marked products that were a hit. But a share problem issue let the company break up. In this era where cool sweat-shirts are a new trend, how would be bringing back the one who created it?


5. PoloSport

Brand Lifespan: 1993-1998
Key Pieces: “Polo Sport” emblazoned gear

We bet you know this name and want this brand to come back badly! No matter how many brands are locking horns now to get in the sports branding, Polo Sport is an emotion. The large brand logos on the shirts and jackets were a huge hit but it was too soon to get out of the market! Though it’s still available in some places.


6. Coca-Cola Clothing

Brand Lifespan: 1985-early ’90s
Key Pieces: Coca-Cola logo rugby, beach pants, caps

This was out of the park! Coca-Cola printed beach wears and clothes got viral. It was revamped back in 2008 but couldn’t make a long mark in the market. But how cool would it be to again style on those red printed wears?


Are you aware of any other clothing brands that you think should make a comeback soon? Let us know!

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