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6 Brands That Tell Us Valentine’s Season Has Finally Arrived

| Published on February 10, 2020

It is officially Valentine’s week, and boy are we excited! Well, I guess some of us are.

But before that D-day arrives, there are many brands that work hard on making us aware that the season of love is almost here.

Today we bring you a list of brands that have become a symbol of love over the years.

1. Cadbury.

Image result for cadbury valentine special

Cadbury has been the flag bearer of the ‘love’ festivities. Every year the brand comes up with some of the most beautifully put together campaigns for Valentine’s Day. And honestly, it just doesn’t feel like Valentine’s without Cadbury anymore.

2. Kalyan Jewellers

Image result for Candere by Kalyan Jewellers valentine's day

The other name in the list that comes up is undoubtedly the Kalyan Jewellers. The brand has always emphasized on the relation of love irrespective of it being romantic or platonic.

3. Parle Hide & Seek

Image result for parle hide & seek valentine

Last year, Parle Hide & Seek has launched a set of GIFs and stickers on Giphy.com for Valentine’s Day. They have been built around the brand’s messaging – Don’t hide from the one you’re seeking.

4. Borosil

Image result for Borosil valentine

Last year, Borosil took the campaigning benchmark a little higher. The brand’s first Valentine’s day ad was dedicated to the LGBTQ community since the Supreme Court decriminalized section 377. The ad was beautiful in itself and yet a reminder that love knows no color, shape, gender, religion.

5. Platinum Days Of Love

Image result for Platinum valentine's day

Platinum has always been about the expression of love in togetherness. That’s what its Valentine’s day campaign is all about. The couple love bands have always been their USP during the season.

6. KFC India

Image result for kfc india valentine

In 2019, KFC India brought us Bucket Bae – the one true love that follows you unconditionally and shares your love for finger-lickin good chicken.

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