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These Are The 6 Best Diwali Advertisements Of All-Time

| Published on October 11, 2017

Festivals are something, everyone likes. Brands try to use the festivals in best possible ways to maximize their sales. Diwali is the most popular Indian festival and every year we see brands making fabulous advertisements to encourage consumers to buy during the Diwali festival season. We have made a list on the most popular Diwali advertisements used for marketing. Most will make you smile, some might make you cry a little.

1. Reliance Fresh: Badi Diwali

This Diwali advertisement by Reliance Fresh had a very beautiful concept of giving smiles to the strangers by doing small acts for them. Reliance Fresh tried to show the idea of “Dil Bada Toh Diwali Badi” through this.

2. Vodafone: Never Alone

This Vodafone advertisement was dedicated to the IT employees who don’t manage to get leaves for Diwali. This video campaign really did touch a lot of Indian hearts and helped Vodafone to connect with their customers in a better way.

3. Surf Excel: Ab Lag Rahi Diwali

Surf Excel always brings something new in their advertisements. This Diwali campaign is based upon the idea of Diwali celebrations as a feeling of sharing happiness and joy with everyone.

4. Eicher: Yaron ki Diwali

Not only happiness and emotions, Diwali advertisements also have some meaningful lessons to be learned. Eicher tries to discourage drunk driving through this video campaign.

5. Cadbury Celebrations: Iss Diwali Khushiyan Le Chalo

The festival of Diwali remains incomplete without the exchange of gifts. The tagline “Iss Diwali Khushiyan Le Chalo” completely justifies the message Cadbury tries to convey happiness comes from the feeling of surprises we get through gifts in Diwali.

6. Amazon: Adjust No More

This video campaign by Amazon was very popular and had the idea of not adjusting too much in the Diwali season to buy the things we want to.

These were some of the best Diwali advertisements of all-time if you know more such Diwali video campaigns, do share them.

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