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A Sneak Peek Into Madhuri Dixit’s Brand Endorsement Odyssey On Her 57th Birthday

As the Bollywood actress and dancing sensation, Madhuri Dixit Nene turns 57 years of age today, Marketing Mind has curated a list of some of the various ad campaigns that she has featured in including the ones for PNG Jewellers, Muthoot Finance, Nestle India, Eureka Forbes, Country Delight, Cred, Godrej Magic and more.

| Published on May 15, 2024

A Sneak Peek Into Madhuri Dixit’s Brand Endorsement Odyssey On Her 57th Birthday

Born on May 15, 1967, Madhuri Dixit Nene, a Bollywood star who is known for her impeccable dance moves, elegance and charisma in a slew of movies ranging from ‘Tezaab’, ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’, ‘Dil’, ‘Devdas’, ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’, ‘Beta’, ‘Aaja Nachle’, ‘Kalank’ and many more has turned 57 years of age today.

Making her debut in the Indian Bollywood industry with ‘Abodh’ in 1984, her stardom came after four years with ‘Tezaab’ in 1988 and since then, she has not just mesmerized audiences with her acting prowess and dance skills in numerous Bollywood classics, but also became a brand favourite for endorsements.

Fondly known as the ‘Dhak-Dhak Girl’ and ‘Queen of Expressions’, she last appeared in ‘Maja Ma’ in 2022 and has now ventured into production with her film ‘Panchak,’ a Marathi-language comedy-drama released on January 2024.

As she turns 57 today, Marketing Mind has curated a list of some of the many brands that she has endorsed in the past:

1. Nandini Creation

In an ad for the clothing brand ‘Nandini Creation’, the actress can be seen dancing her heart out to an Indian Classical beat with the tagline “Mere Dil se Closet Tak” and then unveils the ‘Jaipur kurti’ Mobile app for the brand.

2. PNG Jewellers

PNG Jewellers rolled out its Diwali campaign last year with the ‘Dhak-Dhak girl’ as its brand ambassador. In the ad film, Dixit has taken on the role of a wife. The ad opens with Dixit finding a Diwali gift from her husband with the tag “To my loving wife, happy Diwali!”, and lovingly caressing the gift, leading to the unveiling of the brand’s Saptam collection.

3. Muthoot Finance

Muthoot Finance launched a multi-media campaign titled ‘Bharosa India ka’ featuring Dixit, the company’s brand ambassador. The campaign kicks off with a musical TV commercial with Dixit singing and dancing. It also amplifies the different loan categories while weaving in the key features of Muthoot Finance’s services.

4. Eureka Forbes

Dixit has been associated with Eureka Forbes, the parent company of Aquaguard, for several years now. Last year, the company rolled out a TVC featuring the ‘Queen of Expressions’ as its band ambassador, emphasising the message “Pani me zinc aaisa kha hota hai, jahan Aquaguard hota hai”. The Indian actress played a double role in the commercial.

5. Illusion Zirconia

Being the brand ambassador of Illusion Zirconia, it was in May 2022 that the actress featured in a commercial for the brand. In the film, the ‘Queen of Expressions’ was seen promoting Illusion Zirconia’s Dental Crowns.

6. Godrej Magic

In 2022, Godrej Magic rolled out a TVC conceptualised by Creativeland Asia, with the Indian actress highlighting the features of the Godrej Magic handwash.


As part of its “Not everyone gets it” campaign, CRED launched an ad film featuring Dixit auditioning for an ad for CRED. The ‘Queen of Expressions’ was seen dancing to a song which urged people to download the app but only left the employees to wonder, “What is this…” and led them to stick to their decision of doing a simple voiceover which said “download CRED”.

8. Country Delight

The ‘Dhak-Dhak Girl’ was featured in an ad for Country Delight’s cow and buffalo milk. In the ad, she takes on the role of a mother and is seen trying to convince her son to have a glass of milk as he runs away from her. Towards the end, he finally takes the glass from her, takes a sip, and realises how delicious the milk is.

9. SMART Bazaar

SMART Bazaar had roped in Dixit as their brand ambassador. The ‘Dhak-Dhak Girl’ was featured in a series of ad films conceptualised by FCB Ulka for SMART Bazaar’s campaign titled ‘Chaliye’.

10. Nestlé

In a TVC for Nestlé’s MAGGI OATS Noodles, NENE took on the role of an enthusiastic mother, the ‘Queen of Endorsements’ could be seen dancing and moving around in the living room, enthusiastically encouraging her family to wake up in the morning. As the ad progresses, her children wake up and join her. Later, she wakes up her husband and encourages him to join them all in the living room. Towards the end, she cooks Maggi OATS noodles for breakfast.

11. Ram Bandhu

The ‘Dhak-Dhak Girl’ was featured in an ad for Ram Bandhu. The Indian actress can be seen dancing around and promoting the brand’s diverse range of Spices, Pickles and Papads.

12. SRMB Steel

Dixit was featured in an ad for SRMB Steel with Saswata Chatterjee. In the ad, she took on the role of a police officer.

Apart from the aforementioned brand campaigns, Dixit has also endorsed Moksh Agarbatti, Nutrela, and Intex amongst others.

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