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This 5 Year Old Chinese Boy’s Resume Is Putting Many Adults To Shame

| Published on November 11, 2018


Resume of a 5-year-old Chinese boy has been doing rounds on the Internet and have left millions of people not just in China but also in the world, awestruck. With qualities like ‘real tough man’, ‘unique personality’, ‘rich experience’ and ‘varied hobbies’, this resume can put a lot of adults to shame.

It has a 15 pager insider into the little boy’s qualities and strengths, it claims that he has memorized 100 Chinese poems and also reads 500 English books a year.

Some Qualities Highlighted

He is termed as tough because he never cries during medical visits or receiving injections and he enjoys carrying out lab tests. The resume also defines him family being a warm one and there is a color-coded map that shows all the pages the child has traveled till now. The places include more than 30 spots in China as well as Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand

This resume has been made to enable to boy beat competition while applying for top schools and highlights that he is well read, tough, well traveled, competitive in sports, friendly and caring too.

Activities Engaged In

The child has a habit of writing 3 English diary entries a week, capturing his mood and is also able to recognize 1,500 Chinese characters. He has a full-fledged busy schedule all through the week attending various classes and activities. The activities learning to play piano five times a week, logic training three times a week, ‘comprehensive training’ three times a week, learning characters five times a week, calculation practice twice a week and do ‘all sorts of sports’ twice a week.

Family Background

The CV also highlights the fact that both the parents are graduated from a reputed university in Shanghai and are currently working at high-level managerial positions in fortune 500 companies.


Though Chinese parents are known to have a very strict approach, the boy’s parents are a little surprised with the people’s interest in their child’s profile and they want to maintain a low key. The resume was shared by an entertainment blogger on Twitter and since then garnered a lot of views. It has received more than 20000 comments and 37,600 shares online.






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