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5 Weird Business Ideas That Are Now Very Successful

| Published on October 10, 2018

Do you want to start your own business? Does your business idea sometimes sound crazy to yourself? But then that is natural. Sometimes weirdest of ideas end up turning into successful businesses. If you believe in your idea and you are ready to put in the effort and keep patience, no idea should ever be doubted. Here are some of the weirdest ideas worldwide that are already a profit making business now:
If you have any doubts about this, check out this list of weird startups that have taken unique ideas and made them profitable:


The concept of Task Rabbit may sound weird, but it is simply brilliant. A lot of times we procrastinate over small and odd tasks. More often then not, either these jobs keep long pending as we keep avoiding them, or we do them half-heartedly. Then there are people, who are crunched for cash and want to pick up such odd jobs in order to earn some quick buck. Task Rabbit is a company that acts as a mediator in connecting people who want services to the people who can do it for them. These services and tasks could be anything from washing a car, to cleaning homes after a party, or running errands. They even provide a virtual Task Rabbit for people who need help with computer-based jobs.

This small idea today is an extremely successful business with operations in 18 cities across the US and 1 in London. They are soon expanding into other parts of the world too.



Have you heard of apps that professionals and amateur paranormal investigators use in order to find out what may or may not be a paranormal activity? Yes, there are such apps and SPUD PICKLES in an app development company that is home to the Ghost Radar Suite of apps. Though SPUD PICKLES also develops and designs customized apps or businesses or individuals, this Ghost Radar Suite is one of their most popular products.
Many stories posted by the users of these apps, about their encounters with such paranormal activities can be read on their website.




Prize Candle is a company that makes gifting and buying candles an even more wonderful experience. They make and sell environment-friendly soy wax candles with an assured gift inside. Yes however weird it may sound, each candle comes with a ring that can be found after the candle is burnt. Each ring is guaranteed to be of a minimum value of $25 and can fetch up to $5000 with a winning code.

The possibility of winning a major prize has played a very important role in making these candles extremely popular both for personal use and gifting purposes.


This concept is as bizarre as it may sound, but 8 years ago when the owners of The Something Store started their business, even they did not know they will make such a huge success out of it.

As the name suggests, the site sells ‘something’. As the customer places an order of let say $10 something, all he is assured of is that he will get something which is worth that amount, free to ship and legal to sell, but what it is, he won’t get to know till the thing gets delivered. It could be an artifact, a clock, or a kitchen gadget or any other item

The idea was that if anything could be sold on the Internet, why not sell ‘something’. The surprise element of what the purchase could be keeps the customers intrigued enough and make this site an extremely popular one in the US.


Often before renting out or buying a house, people wonder if anybody has died in that house before, or if the house has witnessed any paranormal activities. Now, this site www.diedinhouse.com provides all such information in just $ 11.99. The company is not very old but it has already has expanded with operations to perform searches in over 50 states and has plans to expand to other countries as well.


So take a chance, believe in your idea and fuel your creativity, and who knows your business idea may sound weird but garner huge success in time to come.

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