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5 Video Marketing Trends To Watch Out in 2019

| Published on January 5, 2019

Video Marketing is one of the fastest growing trends and if your business involves remaining on top of the TG’s mind, you cannot ignore this facet of marketing. It is arguably the most entertaining and addicting form of online content. Watching a video is far more enjoyable than reading about something. As per Google, half of 18-34-year-old YouTube subscribers would leave everything to watch a new video by their favorite creator. Even though videos are the need of the hour, video trends keep changing. What’s popular one year may not be popular the next year. So here are 5 video marketing trends to watch out for 2019 and keep your business abreast with the latest


Vlogging for business

Businesses and entrepreneurs are slowly invading this space and this year, one can only expect this trend to grown even more. The reason for its popularity lies in getting a glimpse into the lives of those behind the business and connects with the audience at a more personal level

Gary Vaynerchuk does vlogging well with his Youtube channel, which has nearly two million subscribers. His videos are a mix of vlogging the behind-the-scenes of his daily life and doling out valuable business advice.

Vlogging is surely a great way to grow your audience base and your business. Also technically it does not require much of an investment.

Live video

According to a report by Facebook, daily watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts grew four times over, over the course of a year. With other platforms like Instagram Live, YouTube Live, and Twitch, this trend is also catching up fast and is here to stay. Live Video gives a feel of being instantly connected with the people because it is as good as having a conversation face to face. Real-time commenting, asking questions and getting replies to make it a more personalized experience and holds audience interest and leads them to stick around for a longer time.

These days brand use Live Video to showcase product launches, or demonstrations, webinars, q&a sessions, interviews or live walkthroughs. It is one of the simplest ways to engage with the audience and brands should definitely make good use of it.

360-degree videos

360-degree videos have caught the attention of audience since the time they were launched. They are a great way to give the audience a feeling of a, particularly great experience. This technology is apt for companies that are into travel related business, real estate, retail, museums, galleries, events, weddings or even cars and bikes.

Creating 360-degree videos is not a very difficult task, all one needs is a good camera like GoPro and good editing software to stitch the videos together.

YouTube ads over TV ads

More and more brands are moving towards YouTube ads. In fact, studies have shown that YouTube reaches more adults during prime time than any other cable network. Also, YouTube ads are less expensive than prime TV ads. In this year, the platform is sure to see a rise in a number of brands promoting their products and services via ads. In comparison to watching many ads on TV, users don’t mind seeing one ad ahead of the video content they want to watch.

Virtual reality

According to Statista, by 2020, the economic impact of virtual and augmented reality is predicted to reach $29.5 billion.

Lowe’s is an example of a company that used virtual reality to teach its customers how to remodel their homes. It’s a trend that will see more brands opting for it. It might not have caught up too well in the past, but its future does look very promising.

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