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5 Types Of Words To Avoid During A Job Interview

| Published on July 4, 2019

There are so many ways that a job interview can go wrong- arriving late, being underprepared, underdressed or not being careful with the choice of words. 

Communication and language play an essential role in any job interview as it reveals details about your personality and yourself. The right choice of words can do wonders in an interview. 


Heres some job interview tips on things you should avoid saying during a job interview.

1. Don’t hurl insults about the office space you walk into

Often office spaces have the tendency to surprise you but its always best to keep your liking and disliking views to yourself.

2. Use “filler words” as little as possible 

The filler words like “umm”, “hmm” and “erm” can make you look confused and nervous. It’s best to listen, remain silent and take a break then use the filler words.

3. Lay off the profanity

Keep away from all swearing words even when your interviewer drops on some f-bombs, it’s best to keep your language in control.

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4. Don’t sit that you have zero questions for the interviewer

One of the most common questions asked at the end of an interview is if one has any questions. Well, here’s an insightful tip always ask questions even if you know the answer. This shows your interest and leaves an impression on the interviewer.

5. Don’t badmouth your current or former employer

Saying bad about your current or former company or employer is never a smart move as chances are if you’re willing to say a bad thing about your current employer, you may as well not have a problem doing the same to your new employer.

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