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5 Smart Strategies Played By H&M To Make You Buy Their Clothes

| Published on February 17, 2021

How often do you shop for clothes, shoes, and accessories from H&M? The clothing chain is quite popular among teenagers and young adults across India, typically because of its basic wear, available in vibrant and of course, basic colors. H&M creates comfortable clothing that is much loved by its customers. Even though the brand does not provide sales year-round and the price point of average essential clothing starts above Rs. 300, why is it still bought so commonly by all of us?

CX8D52 H&M store in the Mall of America, Bloomington, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Turns out, the company plays a few mind games at every outlet which allures us to buy more and more from them.

Counting on the Impulse

If you enter an H&M store, you will realize that the most expensive items of clothing are stacked in the front rows that make people attracted to them instantly. The comparatively cheaper ones are available through the middle and the end of the outlet that is definitely worth the purchase, however do not act on a customer’s impulse. Once you set your mind on what to buy from the first few glimpses, there is no going back.

Combinations Made by the Brand

If you look at the mannequins at H&M, you will notice that there are some fixated combos available right on spot. Moreover, the brand puts its shoes and accessories section side by side for convenience. These preset combos are decided by the brand itself and make it easier for you to shop till you drop.

The idea of Fast Fashion

Clothes bought from H&M are typically fast fashion wear that gets worn for several days and then discarded immediately. Clothes for different seasons are revealed immediately. The idea is to shop and shop and shop some more!

The Scarcity Effect

In its outlets and even online, H&M promotes the scarcity effect. An item newly available gets minimized to just a few stocks within a matter of days, prompting you to buy it immediately.

New Season, Old Clothes

If you pay close attention, you will find that H&M always displays clothes from its old collections in a new season. These are the clothing items that haven’t been sold. The new range is also available in the store and marked with special tags that will take a lot of time for you to find.

Are you having a deja-vu moment like us now?

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