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5 Trends That Are Changing The Travel Industry

| Published on August 3, 2023

The pandemic has forced us to see everything around us in a different light. From life in general to business to food, every aspect has been affected in some massive way. The same lies true for the travel industry, that witnessed deep crests and troughs during the pandemic.

In view of these changes evolved over the years, let’s check five travel industry trends that have emerged and are going strong in recent times.

1. Solo, Solo, Solo

5 Trends That Are Changing The Travel Industry

The feeling of freedom and independence combined with the excitement to explore unknown places and challenge themselves to gain confidence, has gotten an increasing number of people challenge themselves to travel solo.

Post-pandemic, the percentage of people travelling solo especially female travelers has increased, thanks to the opportunities that it offers for personal growth.

2. Use of Travel Technology

5 Trends That Are Changing The Travel Industry

Due to the pandemic, the world has become more virtual, and adoption of travel tech facilitates better, convenient and safer travel.

With a plethora of platforms making travel easier- from booking aggregators to travel shopping, to even room service being offered using technology (read robots), tech is helping ease travel and its subsequent experiences.

An increasing number of airports are offering facial recognition technology. Hotels, airlines, booking sites, and others are using chatbots helping travelers communicate in a seamless and smooth manner.

3. Work and Play

5 Trends That Are Changing The Travel Industry

With an increasing adoption of concepts like remote working while being location-independent, travel is no longer the same. Also, digital nomadism has become popular with more and more individuals opting for the same.

Many travel companies have capitalized on this, offering innovative options like opening up working-on-the-beach options and hotels offering work stations and room offers from 6:00 a.m-7:30 p.m.

4. Slow Travel

5 Trends That Are Changing The Travel Industry

Slow travel is an approach to travel that makes people want to connect with local people, cultures, food and music.

More than just visiting standard and set places and sites that were the thumb rule before, travelers are now wanting to pursue local experiences. They do not want to take a conventional travel route, but explore offbeat places and interact with locals to gain a whiff of their culture.

5. Sustainable Travel

5 Trends That Are Changing The Travel Industry

Sustainable travelling helps counter negative impact of travelling.

This helps protect the environment and natural resources along with offering socio-economic benefits for people by conserving heritage and living authentic memorable tourist experiences.

Choosing airlines that offset carbon footprint, no poaching plants, buying local, avoiding single-use plastic and travelling on foot for short distances are popular ideas that make sustainable travel easier.

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