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2 minutes read

5 Things You Should Know Before A Job Interview

| Published on March 27, 2020

Getting employed is a big thing in one’s life. After all, all the hardship you have done so far is about to yield. But this is what that brings pressure and fear.

Well, we aren’t saying that reading a few tips will substitute the hands-on experience of a real interview, but definitely helps you make well-prepared for the D-day.

So here are the five real-world things you should know before a job interview:

1. Job Description

This is quintessential. Thoroughly read the job description. In my opinion, if a candidate does not know what the job is about, he or she isn’t serious about securing the job. Thoroughly understand the job description. If it is not explained properly, call an HR executive to explain the same.

2. Know About Company

If all you know about the company is its name, then you will deem to earn some demerit points when the Recruiting Manager asks you questions about what you know about the company. Therefore, it’s good you should perform basic research about the company. Know about company work culture, core values, team, recent activities, and so on.

3. Strong Body Language

Even in our daily lives, we all judge each other based on body language knowingly or unknowingly. So don’t you think someone who is hiring you will evaluate how you represent yourself? Ahmm….Ahhh….Looking everywhere, doing unnecessary hands movement, shaking, sweating, murmuring, all this will not help you. Prepare for this before appearing for the interview. Feel confident, body language will follow.

4. Skill Representation


When you sit for an interview, there are certainly new things that you will learn about the job. At that time you need to be creative and able to relate the skills you have with the required skills. You have to assure the interviewer how your skills can be helpful in the given job role.

5. Questions For Recruiter

An interview does not have to be one-way traffic. You can also ask a few sensible questions. Like, some genuine questions on job role, about work culture and things which are not mentioned about the company on its website.

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