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5 Things People Working In Sales Should Never Say To A Customer

| Published on October 7, 2018

Working in sales requires very different skills if we compare to other professions. Salespeople need to be very active and aware of whatever they do and say.
The margin for error in sales is very narrow and to achieve success in this profession, one should act very smartly and wisely as well. You must have read articles and books about what makes a salesman successful, but today we are sharing the things which make people working in sales unsuccessful.

Below are 5 sentences which people working in sales should never say to a customer. Have a look:

1. To be honest…

While a lot of people tend to use this, we think that saying these words show that you have been dishonest previously. This can make the person loose trust in you and there is a big chance that he will never believe in the things you say.

2. Can I have a couple of minutes of your time?

You might think that the person will give it a try, but whenever you say this, you’re starting off the conversation with a lie. There are very few who have the talent to impress a customer in just 2 minutes. For gaining the trust, it requires detailed talk on the topic.

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3. Trust me!

If there is a need to use this word, then sorry to say, you are not going to get the deal. It’s pointless asking someone to trust you if you don’t give them reasons to do so.

4. This is a limited offer

Even if it really is a limited period offer, build value for the person before discussing the price. Limited offers come and go, but if you can make a loyal customer, it will be more beneficial to you and the brand for which you are working.

5. That’s not my department

When a client asks you something, you should take full responsibility to solve every problem. In case if it is beyond your department and knowledge, don’t just neglect it directly. You can redirect the customer to a person from another department after trying the best to solve the problem by yourself.

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Do you know more such sentences that should be avoided by salespeople? Do share them with us in the comments.

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