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5 Things Indians Have Spent On During This Pandemic

| Published on August 12, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has brought in a lot of expenditure for many individuals and industries. Although we are currently sailing through the turmoil, there are a number of unique things that Indians are spending on ever since it began. Let us know if you have spent on even one of these in the last few months,


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New product launches are happening almost every week now. With top sellers release the latest technology through their gadgets, a number of families are renovating their homes by installing heavy and small appliances. Many online stores also have frequent sale offers that you can utilise to get something great for an affordable price.

Comfort Food

Staying at home means doing a lot of things. It includes pursuing hobbies, and more evidently, eating a lot of food. Comfort foods like chocolates, chips and beverages have seen a peak in sales as people require them on a daily basis.

Immunity Booster

We all need to take care of our health and ensure that we don’t get infected by the deadly coronavirus. Supplements are a great way of maintaining your health. There are a couple of immunity boosters available online, and even in your local pharmacies that can aid your purpose.


Bullion's bull-run: Gold may hit Rs 52,000 by Diwali | Business ...

A number of families have been through a member losing their job during this pandemic. Times have definitely been hard, and gold is getting bought and sold every day, more now than ever since its prices have peaked in the past few months. Looking to make jewellery or invest in something? Now is the right time.

Digital Services

How many of you have a subscription the most popular OTT platforms? Ever since we’ve been confined to our homes, we’ve been heavily dependant on watching everything online. In fact, a number of offices have implemented voice and video calls as well.

Source: The Logical Indian

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