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5 Technologies That Are The Future of Security

| Published on October 5, 2018

Technology is growing at a rapid speed and today we are surrounded by gadgets that use AI and AR. Years ago who thought that you could control the window curtains of your home sitting somewhere far away. Technology has shown us many facets security gadgets are just one of them. Here is a look at 5 technologies that are the future of security systems 

Smart Locks

Though its one of the most common ones, but its definitely gaining popularity. These locks allow control even from remote locations and can be connected with a smartphone. But even in case your smartphone gets stolen or lost, these locks use fingerprint scanning or facial recognition for opening and closing. The use of these locks takes care of your home and office security in a very effective manner.


Facial Recognition Technology

We can already see the use of this technology to replace passwords and even fingerprints on phone. These technologies are now being brought into places like airports and other areas, wherein a person’s ID can be checked through facial recognition. As per recent reports, the Hyderabad airport has already started these trials with their staff and would soon be applicable to passengers and offer a replacement to boarding passes.



Drones are now being used in more than one way. From a mere aerial photography device, today the use of a drone is vast and many. Now it is being used as a remote security guard, wherein it guards, records and scans the perimeter of a building or an area and signals if a breach is seen. Security companies have gone ahead and installed audio systems in the drones in order to raise an alarm and alert the human security to take suitable actions.

Motion sensing CCTV

These CCTVs are an advanced version of the regular CCTV systems. In bigger businesses or peripheries, the cost involved for installing a CCTV system is huge and also there is tons of footage that goes wasted because of no important action. These CCTVs are motion sensor based and record only when some motion is detected. Combined with motion sensor lights, they make for a superb combo that is both secure and cost-effective.

Heartbeat-scanning wristbands

These gadgets are considered to be yet another password replacing future technology. A simple wristband scans your heartbeat and uses as your unique identification. It’s a great innovation to replace the ID cards in bigger companies and also to control large festivals and events.

Did you know about these security gadgets? 

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