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5 Surprising Things That Are Banned Around The World

| Published on December 1, 2020

You might think you lead a normal life in India, but a lot of things that are allowed here like chewing gum, urinating and spitting on the road, is actually a criminal offense and are ban in other countries. Other fun things that are allowed here and are legal, are sadly not so abroad. Wondering what these are? You’ll be surprised to know how many of these harmless things can actually get you fined in other countries.

No memes for you in Australia

Ban, Funny aussie

In Australia, it’s an illegal offence to create and share memes among one another. There is a strict copyright rule under Section 132A, part 2 of the Copyrights Act. However, there is a certain group that is trying to overwrite the rule and allow users to utilise content for repurpose issues as long as the original owner is given due credit.

Don’y lip sync. Just Sing it in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan has this rule where lip-sync has been banned by the president in 2005, to preserve the culture of their culture. On similar lines, ballet and opera music has also been banned.

No penny for your thoughts in Canada

In Canada, find a penny, recycle it | PBS NewsHour

You are not allowed to make a transaction of more than 25 pennies in Canada. That’s the maximum limit, after which you will have to use the Canadian dollar. This is helping them too slowly fade out the pennies and focus more on the notes. Mo money, mo problems? They don’t think so.

Chewing gums aren’t a thing in Singapore

9 Benefits of Chewing Gum You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

You are not allowed to chew gum in Singapore. This rule was laid out in 1992. Only a few medicinal gum can be permitted. Otherwise, a fine up to $100,000 SGD will be charged and you might also serve jail time. Ouch!

Stay in Shape, only in Japan

For individuals under the age bracket of 40-74 years old, Japan has a strict law for no obesity. Your waistline needs to be in check, beyond which you will be sent fitness guidance and your company might be charged for your weight issues.

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Consider yourself lucky for leading a simple life here! Do you more such things that are allowed in India but ban at other places? Share them in the comments section.

Source: Scoopwhoop

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