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5 Super Bizarre Yet Expensive Clothing By Fashion Industry

| Published on December 11, 2020

Androgynous fashion is a thing these days. Fashionistas are definitely going out of their way to create extraordinary, never-seen-before pieces as if there is no tomorrow! Call it a statement piece, bizarre or right out of the box of unusual things, 2020 is digging these trends! Check them out below.

Potato Sack Pants

Could you ever imagine that a sack of potatoes could actually become a style statement? We are sure our parents would disapprove, but this is what most style icons of today are into! Quite recently, an article resurfaced selling these empty potato bags online for a hefty price! It seems that the fashionistas of today have surely taken local products into great usage for their ideas! This is a good example of sustainable fashion and we are excited to see what else the industry has to offer in the coming years.

Balloon Pants


It seems fashion student Harikrishnan KS is surely hitting it off with one creation after the another. Presented as his final presentation at the London College of Fashion, he created these pants that flare up like a balloon at the ends. They are made of latex and have definitely gained quite the recognition.

Nike’s Jesus Shoes

Believe it or not, Nike made these pair of sneakers called the ‘Jesus Shoes’. They are officially known as the Nike Air Max 97 MSCHF x INRI Jesus Shoes, known to have holy water at its sole! Would you purchase a pair of these?

Beaded Vest

Fashion student Harikishnan KS created this beaded vest, a rather unusual but still very popular choice of clothing. Made of duotone beads, this was presented by him during the final presentation at the London College of Fashion.

Noodle Boots


Right from Bottega Veneta, we have some Noodle Boots for you. You can probably turn your ramen noodles into this, but you will need some expertise! They literally look like that but are a hit among the popular. How much would you be willing to pay for this pair? This was featured in the Pre-Fall collection in 2020. They are available in the same colour you would find a packet of Maggi in!

Source: MensXP

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