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5 Stereotypes About Women That Indian Advertisements Must Avoid Now

| Published on July 31, 2019

While the women of this century are trying hard to break the typical stereotypes that come tagging along with their gender looks like Indian advertisements can’t let go off them. 

Here are some of the Indian advertisements that show women in the wrong light

1. Nagging

The tagline of this TVC “Bhukh lagi to tu ladki ban jata hai” speaks volumes for itself. The advertisement shows women’s nagging behaviour in an extremely unpleasant way. 

2. Cooking

As touching as this TVC for Airtel maybe it is wrong on many levels as it shows how a woman can be her husband’s boss in the office but at the end of the day her job is to go home, cook and make her man happy.

3. The demanding one

Diamonds maybe women’s best friend but not the only friends. This TVC by Tanishq shows that women are not self-reliant and have to give hints to get something from their husbands even if they can’t afford it.

4. Being fair is important to succeed

Black is beautiful! But this TVC is an example that Fair & Lovely still has a lot to learn. The ad shows that a woman inspiring to become an IAS officer has to concentrate more on her skin tone than her studies and bam she will achieve anything!

5.Hypersexualized one

Wild stone ads perceive a woman as if their uterus will jump out if a man smells good. Honestly which woman gets attracted to a man by sniffing him? Forget intelligence, compatibility understanding; if a man smells good, it is more likely than a woman will have coitus with the man.

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