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5 Startups With Most Creative Job Postings

| Published on December 1, 2020

We have all come across a job hiring post in our lives. While some catch our attention with the brand’s name, some become more attractive with the sheer content in them. It takes a lot of creativity for a company’s HR department to draft an interesting post for their new job openeings.

Today we bring 5 startups with the most creative job postings.


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The pandemic cost a lot of people their jobs. But their have been many companies that have been hiring now and WarCircle has been one of them. WarCircle is an ad agency that took a ‘not-so-suttle’ dig at other major brands that laid of their employees during the pandemic.


This Bengaluru based software company used the most creative way to attract candidates. The hiring post of Eventifier used the most talked-about the character of television, Jon Snow. This GOT inspired ad became the talk of the town with its ad saying ‘The Kingdome of Eventifier seeks a Commander for the Nights Watch.” A line enough to attract genuine candidates to apply.


Zomato‘s hiring campaign was nothing less than a work of art. The online food delivery startup is known for its witty posts on social media every now and then and its “We are hiring” post was creative enough as expected. The post included real thoughts and was sarcastic in a tone to appease all the future candidates.


It only happens so rarely when one is able to match a client’s expectation with their budget. And when that happens, it becomes a point in history to look up to. That is exactly what Sociowash cleverly used in their Hiring post.


ContractIQ is a Chennai based startup that helps people and businesses hire agencies and developers for building their project. The company used the image of Vyasa narating the entire Mahabharata to Lord Ganesha who wrote it down beautifully. That is what ContactIQ targeted in their hiring poster, someone who can write about mobile development.

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