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5 South Asian Female Entrepreneurs To Watch Out

| Published on February 25, 2021

South Asia is rightly an ammulgamation of cultures. It boasts of the richest one in the world, with a diversity which cannot be found elsewhere. Hence, the leaders from these nations are truly empowered, open-minded and unique in their own ways.

We’ve hence curated a list of 5 female South Asian entrepreneurs who bring out the blend of cultures, diversities and opportunities through their fields of work.

Deepica Mutyala

Growing up face-to-face with conventional beauty standards, Deepica was a part of a conservative South Indian family in Texas. By the age of 16, she decided to own her beauty brand and become CEO. She wanted to be a role model for other girls who probably had a darker skin tone and felt the same like her. Today, she is the owner of Live Tinted, where she oversees her decisions and has a good control over every key aspect.

Ridhi Tariyal

Ridhi is the founder of NextGenJane. She discovered innovation in the field of genomics at a rather early stage and this is when she decided to fill the gap. By mixing the rise of startups and healthcare, she was able to solve the issues with the gaps and the company flourished quite immediately.

Ritu Narayan

Ritu was always baffled by technology and never wanted to waste time sitting idle, letting her ideas get exhausted. Her entrepreneurial journey began as she realised that it was becoming quite difficult to pick up and drop off her child at school. This is when Zum was born, and has now become one of the biggest student transformation systems in the USA.

Radhika Patil

Radhika is the proud owner of Cradlewise, a company that deals with all baby products and equipment. Coming from a Gujarati household, being an entrepreneur was in the cards for her since she was a young girl. After getting married, she managed Cradlewise in between jobs and slowly shifted to a full-time role as CEO once her child was born.

Nikita Gupta

Even after interning at wonderful companies like MarthaStewart and Apple, Nikita was not one to rest as she craved for financial freedom. This is how she started Symba, a growing platform providing internship opportunities. The company connects with established corporates and MNCs who are willing to provide summer and fall internships to qualified students. Nikita was born in India, and retains her South Asian culture wherever she goes.

Source: Crunchbase

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