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5 Smartphone Brands That Have Aced Their Marketing Strategies Over The Years

| Published on June 30, 2021

Marketing a mobile smartphone comes with a lot of strategy and planning. It’s crucial to understand the demographics and psychographics along with the intent with which the consumer is buying a mobile phone. One must understand the consumer buying behaviour journey and decide on which type of need it is trying to fulfil. Here’s a list of companies who have been acing their marketing game in the smartphone business.


A brand that needs no introduction, their advertisements focus majorly on highlighting the latest technology which one can find in their smartphones. Famous for its camera quality, the adverts essentially highlight the high resolution demonstrated in the smartphone. Indulging in brand wars with its rival company, Samsung has also gotten eyeballs for both the brands and gets picked up by consumers very easily. The company always tries to enumerate why their brand is much better than the others although, their price range is quite high. They focus on developing a customer experience and as a result, try to sell an experience to their target audience than just rely on demonstrating the benefits of their product.


Samsung’s smartphones are placed in a price range that is affordable to all. As a result, they become accessible to everyone and have become a trusted name amongst consumers. Their advertisements strike a human chord and showcase empathy which establishes a strong connection between the consumers and the brand’s core values. The company also puts in a lot of focus in terms of print advertising and goes loud and bold as opposed to Apple which prefers minimalism in their brand communication.

One Plus

This brand focuses majorly on the customer experience and creates a buzz amongst the audience. Right from the launch of its first product wherein, it created a scarce situation by adopting a strategy that required invitations to be sent to interested consumers. Moreover, the company banks on influencer marketing and creates hype amongst the audience on social media. As a result, it focuses less on the traditional methods of marketing.


Similar to what One Plus did, this company too, focused on establishing a scarcity in promoting its products. Their flash sales created a sense of urgency and the company also partnered with famous companies such as Flipkart to reach out to a larger audience. While their advertisements promote the utility of using a Xiaomi phone, the company launches updates and frequently adapts to changing consumer needs over time.


Although the google pixel did not pick up in India, the company’s marketing efforts align with their core beliefs. In communicating what they have to offer over and above the host of services they currently offer, the company definitely brought about the same in their marketing and advertising promos. With minimalistic designs and a contemporary approach, the Google pixel marketed itself to be a high-end device.

To a lot of consumers, mobiles come as a way to display their social status while many, buy mobiles solely to fulfil their need for communication. Wrestling between these two common mindsets, smartphone companies have definitely adopted strategies that target the niche they are trying to sell their smartphones to.

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