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5 Signs That Show You Aren’t Prepared To Start A Business

| Published on June 22, 2019

Being a Businessman isn’t for everyone. Yes, the media and the people around you show that job life sucks, but trust me it is not about Business or job it is about the right people you are surrounded with and the amount of money you are making in a given time.


It has been statistically proven that most businesses shut down with the time span of one year which makes us think that if such failers can be avoided. Well, yes they can be if we research about the probable things that can happen and check if we are prepared for that or not. In today’s article, I am sharing some signs that show you aren’t yet prepared for doing business on your own. Have a look:

You are looking for shortcuts

There is no doubt that smartness is the way to succeed in today’s world, still one should be clear that shortcuts aren’t always successful. In fact, there is a very narrow chance of them working well because it takes time to make a sound image in the mind of audience which can be further converted into customers and then into loyal ones.

You love comfort zone

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It has been rightly said that ” Comfort zone is a wonderful place but nothing grows there. This statement is absolutely right and if you are someone who loves to stay comfortable without much changes, sorry, business is not for you.

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You are not good in numbers


We are not talking about your mathematical skills, we are saying that if you don’t like to play the numbers game, please avoid business or have someone who focusses on that. Business is all about revenue, profit, no. of products sold, so don’t get into the race without having analytical skills.

You have a habit of Procrastination


The way people are growing these days, its difficult for someone who always delays tasks for the next day or the next month. If you don’t know how to manage your time productively, leave the idea of achieving success in Business.

You are not ready to talk about your idea


Marketing is the most crucial factor in business. If you don’t like to talk about your business and getting feedback, it will be very risky. Business is not your personal life that you can keep as a secret. Talk about it, market it as much as you can.

It will be great if you can add more such points in this article. To do that, you can share your thoughts in the comments section and we will be happy to update this.

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