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5 Richest Families In The World & Their Net Worth

| Published on August 25, 2020

Even though the world witnessed everything and still sailed through, there are a number of millionaires and billionaires who faced the slump but soared immensely anyway. Here’s how rich they are and how they do it every time, despite the crisis. These families are the richest in the world, and we really wish they could adopt us!

The Waltons

Stuart Walton, the director of Walmart, has the biggest retail chain in the world. The sales figure cross $500 billion every year and hence their affluence goes without saying. Their money has been shared over three generations currently.

The Mars

Mars family net worth: Meet America's third-wealthiest family ...

Missing your favourite treats? Mars, Twix and Snickers are a production of the Mars family, directed by five generations of the same. Currently, Victoria Mars is the Chairperson of the company. It is also known that the family earns half of its $38 million revenue from their own pet company. Chocolates and pets? What else would you like to become rich?

The Kochs

The Koch family is headed by four brothers. While two of them left back in the 1980s, the other two took over to give rise to the Koch Industries, with a revenue of $115 billion. Currently, one of the brothers, David Koch passed away and Charles Koch leads the company as CEO. Koch Industries has a net worth of $107 billion.

Al Saud

Saudi Arabia's Al Saud family named world's fourth richest ...

The Saud family is responsible for turning the dessert into a gold mine in Saudi Arabia and has been reigning for over 88 years. Al Saud is the current Crown Prince, and the total wealth is a contribution of 15,000 members in the family which makes their net worth quite astounding!

The Ambanis

Mukesh Ambani's family in alleged black money net - ...

Who doesn’t know the Ambanis? As the only Indians in the top 10 list, brothers Mukesh and Anil Ambani are responsible for the sumptuous wealth owned by their family. They deal in electronics and other conglomerates. They also own some of the most exquisite residences. Their net worth is $81.3 billion.

Source: GQ India

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