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5 Reasons Why Tide Is A Leader In Indian Detergent Market

| Published on September 5, 2020

Tide, our very own household detergent has been a leader in the Indian detergent industry ever since its launch. With its over-the-top marketing and extraordinary branding, housewives started to recognize it as the only savior against yellowish tint in clothing.

Quick Background check!

In 1946, it was first introduced for machine cleaning purposes in the US market. In 1968, it extended to a new version in the form of a stain-remover followed by a liquid version in 1984.

Finally, in the year 2000, P&G announced its launch in India. With continuous developments in the Indian market, Tide went on to become the first 1000 crore market in India.

What led to the grand success of Tide’s Marketing strategy in India?

1. Targeted audience

In India, women are the decision-makers regarding household chores. They constantly seek products that will help them solve problems in a cost-friendly manner.

Tide reckoned this fact and targeted Indian homemakers at large. This led to an upsurge in its sales and a boost in popularity among the homemakers.

2. Offered a solution

Effective marketing is all about offering an effective solution to a recognized problem. That is exactly what Tide approached in it marketing attempts.

India’s topography is built in such a manner that the clothes of an average Indian get dirty very quickly. Tide conferred to this fact and highlighted its whitening effects in the detergent that led to its myriad popularity.

3. Attractive packaging

We all know how packaging plays a significant role in effective marketing. The bright yellow-orange branding was one of a kind and easily recognizable in the crowd. 

Tide’s packaging has also grabbed eyes in India and the brand has also been continuously inventing new packaging techniques to attract customers.

4. Effective segmentation

Most Indians don’t have sufficient budget to buy premium products. Understanding this behavior, Tide segmented its products under various categories. Popular, premium, mid-price, and super-premium are some of its categories at present.

The affordable product range is to be credited for its popularity in the rural areas where most of the population cannot afford expensive detergents.

5. Catchy Taglines and Campaigns

Do you not remember the iconic “Chaunk Gaye” or “Tide hai, toh White hai”? Tide has always been a leader in integrating world-class campaigns for their launches.

For instance, during the launch of Tide Plus, the tagline “Tide plus, jo de White plus” successfully emphasized it’s extra benefits with a stress on “White Plus”.

Apart from that, it’s iconic campaigns, like #TideWhite, #TideGivesExtra or #CollarUpWithTide carefully wrapped in societal messages are crafted to instil a sense of pride among Indian Women.


Tide, as a branding star, definitely redefines detergent marketing in India. Its attempts to go down at the personal level to bond with the Indian homemakers is a very important marketing lesson for other competitors.

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