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2 minutes read

5 Reasons Why Jobs Are Better Than Business

| Published on October 17, 2019

A forever long debate has always been if a job is better than having a business. Many who suggest that having a business is better than working 9-5 often forget that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea! While there is no denying that working for yourself has a list of perks, but here’s a list of 5 reasons that prove that having a job is better than running a business. 

1. A Job is more secure

Security is the #1 reason people have jobs. Even with the risk of being laid off, one can assure themselves always of finding another whereas when failure hits business one is at the risk of losing much more than just that. 

2. A job provides a steady income

Yes, profits surely sound fascinating and intriguing but let’s face it the numbers can never stay stable and rather fluctuate from time to time depending on the business as for jobs one is assured of getting a fixed amount every month. 

3. Work less hours

If you think being a boss is easy let’s get real! While you enjoy your 9-5 working hours with weekends off, your boss is flooded with work calls, client calls all day and night long. So never crib about your 40 hours working week because your boss just gets to work double. 

4. Fewer headaches

Remember you may have 1 boss, but your boss has many bosses and that are his clients. Working for as many as them can surely give anyone a nervous wreck. 

5. You can’t lose your home when you lose your job 

Job comes with little to no financial risk whereas business involves a much greater risk. In times of financial crisis in business, one can also end up losing their personal assets whereas the one with a job can always enjoy the satisfaction of going home and live on its savings for time being. 

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