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5 Reasons Why iPhone X Is Still Better Than The New iPhones

| Published on September 20, 2018

When iPhone X was launched it raised many brows, as it was the first one to enter the 1-lakh bracket and considered way too expensive. Well, now with the new iPhones launched, the price of iPhone X has slipped down to about 91k. Though the iPhone X lacks the dual sim support and the latest A12 Bionic processor, it still makes for a great choice and here are 5 reasons why iPhone X is still better than the new iPhones

Same Looks

The iPhone X looks exactly similar to the new iPhone XS as far as design is concerned. The iPhone XS Max is just a larger version of the iPhone X, whereas in the iPhone XR the form-factor of the iPhone X is retained with a larger 6.1-inch and a single lens camera at the back.



The new iPhone XR, because of its affordability may attract a lot of first-time users, but when compared to iPhone X, its definitely a disappointment with it comes to the LCD display screen and single rear camera
The display quality of the iPhone X and XS is exactly similar with the OLED display while the display of the iPhone XS Max is just bigger but the overall quality is same.


Just lacking the smart HDR, the remaining camera specifications of iPhone X and iPhone XS and XS Max is same. The front camera has the same specifications and hence there is no major upgrade for the selfies camera in the new phones.


There is no headphone dongle with the new iPhones and you will have to shell out some 1500Rs to buy a dongle, whereas the iPhone X still comes with the dongle in its box.



With the latest iOS 12 update and the price cut, iPhone X offers more value for money in comparison to the higher priced iPhone XS and XS Max. Also, the new phones, especially the XR is likely to see a shortage because of the demand-supply gap whereas iPhone X is easily available. The shortage of XR is due to the supply issues of Liquid Retina display which comes with iPhone XR.

So which iPhone would you choose?

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