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5 Psychological Tricks That Malls Use To Make You Spend More Money

| Published on November 27, 2020

Shopping in the malls is always a fun experience for all of us. Even if you do not wish to buy anything, you can always go to a mall for window shopping and pass your time as many others.

But did you know that the mall planners have always been a step ahead of us to ensure that we do visit these malls and stay for longer than we had planned?

It’s true! You may not have realized it but your long visits to the mall have always been a planned effort.

Attractive Fragrances

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Have you ever felt a nice feeling while crossing a coffee shop or a bath & body essential shop in the mall? Well, mostly it is the strong fragrance that these shops have that makes you want to enter these shops and look around or even buy something.

Losing Track Of Time

Most of us have experienced losing track of time while going shopping in these malls. All major malls are designed to have no clock displayed so that you stay busy and occupied with your shopping spree without realizing that you have spent hours in there. You may also notice that while you are in the mall it is difficult to tell if it is morning or night outside. Another tactic to keep you a bit longer in there.

Food & Entertainment Centres

Every mall has a food court usually on the top floor of the building. These food courts are strategically placed on the top to make sure that you cross by the stores while making your way up there so that you may even buy something for yourself.

The same goes for gaming zones. They are usually on the same floor as the food court and while going there you might come across something while window shopping that you may buy eventually.

Lighting Effect

The dim lighting effect that these malls have is also no accident. This is done purposely to make you feel more relaxed and encourage you to stay longer at the mall. Many stores have special lightings that give their products a much attractive look. After buying a beautiful dress for yourself and bringing it back home, have you ever wondered that it looked different or even better in the store? Well, it’s the lighting.

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Scripted Disorientation

You may not be able to tell, but every mall is designed in such a way that you are forced to buy something. A video by Upworthy states that the mall planners purposely design the mall in a ‘scripted disoriented’ way to encourage impulsive buying.

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