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5 Profitable Business Ideas For Indian Mothers

| Published on January 14, 2020

Being a mother for a woman is not an easy job, it involves a lot of responsibilities. From managing the house to enduring the financial problems she has to look after everything. She always strives to provide a proper standard of living for her children.

Amidst the toil, not all mothers can afford to have a professional job and dedicate long hours away from home. Thus here is a list of top five business ideas for mothers that is sure to help you earn the extra dollars you desire:

1. Start with food

Cooking food is not everyone’s cup of tea especially for individuals who are students and working as professionals. Also, they cannot afford to have junk food everyday as it might cast a bad impact on their health.

Thus mothers who want to start a business of their own can start a catering business where they make three types of meals- lunch, breakfast, and dinner. If proper parity is maintained between the choices and taste this business will easily succeed.

2. Yoga is the new gym

With the increase in the urge to stay fit and healthy, many people are trying to inculcate yoga in their daily routine. It not only leads to physical fitness but also helps in maintaining mental health. A mother willing to start her own business can easily bank on this idea. It requires basic investment for some mats and a small hall.

If proper advertising and marketing are executed, it’s only time when people will be attracted to your yoga classes and start generating a decent sum of money. This can later be expanded into other classes according to the requirements of the people.

3. Offer Laundry/Home Cleaning

Starting a home cleaning service is also a good option for mothers who are willing to start their own business. It becomes a tiresome job for many people to clean their own clothes and they prefer getting it done from somewhere else. This business requires washing machines, Washing powder, and an iron. If a proper standard is maintained it will generate a good amount of money.

4. Let’s talk about fashion

This business requires some amount of training and experience at the beginning but if you have the required expertise then why not. Mothers willing to start their own business can start with the stitching of clothes such as shirts, trousers, tops, and skirts. Gradually, the business can be divided and specialized in a particular category like table cloth, curtains, and clothes.

5. Bring out the tutor in you

You can also consider teaching students at your home or even consider making videos online. Even though E-tutoring is a bit time consuming but is better in the long run because one does not have to make the effort again and again. Fees can be charged on an hourly or monthly basis. Rates may vary on the basis of the level of difficulty and on the place where the student wanting to study is located.

While these were 5 business ideas for the Indian mothers, there’s a whole world waiting for you out there. There are a lot of things that affect one’s choice such as the locality and the ability to perform. If executed properly it can earn decent profits.

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