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5 Pride Month Campaigns That Made India Accept LGBTQ+ Community

| Published on June 16, 2021

India only decriminalized Section 377 in September 2018. Before that, while many companies were starting to become inclusive, homosexuality was seen as a taboo in society. After the new law, it has become easier and safer for individuals to come out, arrange campaigns, exchange ideas, and more.

Here’s looking at the top 5 campaigns around Pride that Indian companies launched and changed the face of the country as acceptance became more of a necessity than a choice.

The Closet by Fastrack

Fastrack was one of the first brands in India to feature a lesbian couple. This campaign was ahead of its time and prepared the country to embrace the new LGBTQIA+ community. Out Of The Closet contains a literal closet from which 2 girls come out, adjusting their clothes and hair and embracing the caption ‘Come Out’.

6 Pack Brand by Brooke Bond Label

The Hijra community was avoided by a number of people in earlier times. Brooke Bond Label thought of destigmatizing this by featuring 6 transgender singers to celebrate being queer and transgender in India. Yash Raj Films youth-wing Y-Films was behind this advertisement which further went on to showcase at the Glass Lion category at Cannes.

Out and Proud by The Times of India

Despite the overruling of Section 377, the society was unwilling to accept the LGBTQIA+ community and spoke in derogatory comments about them. Thankfully, the Times of India came out with its own advertisement to give back at the haters in collaboration with FCB India. This empowering advertisement is meant for everyone belonging to the community to come out and feel safe.

#LoveatFirstPride by OkCupid

OkCupid celebrated all genders beyond the binary norms in this digital campaign that celebrates love. By asking people how much they would reveal about themselves on their first date, followed by a string of other questions, the dating platform encouraged people from the community to love and live freely.

Bold Is Beautiful by Anouk

Myntra’s ad for Anouk was among the first to celebrate pride in all genders. Backed by Oglivy India, this advertisement shows the beauty of loving another person beyond gender boundaries.

Have you come across any other advertisements that celebrate pride, especially in the month of June? Share with us in the comments below.

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