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5 Popular Companies That Started Just By An Accident Or Mistake

| Published on February 27, 2019

Failed in achieving what you desire or something’s not working according to your way? Don’t worry, it’s good that it isn’t! Confused with what I just said?

The stories below are going to explain everything!

Did you know Coca-Cola was supposed to be a medical remedy? And that Kelloggs was trying to make granola bar for breakfast? Let’s find out more about these 5 legit companies that were nothing but a mistake!

#1 Ferrari

After World War II broke out, the Italian Government shut down car company Alfa Romeo, the company where a well-known race car driver Enzo Ferrari was working.

Thus, Ferrari decided to make cars for himself to race and finally, the brand Ferrari established. And today it is no less than an achievement to own a FERRARI!

#2 Kellogg’s

Will K. Kellogg and his brother Dr. John Harvery Kellogg were trying to make granola bar for breakfast but accidentally abandoned a pot of cooking wheat on the stove, only to later find that the oats had turned into a stale and hard consistency, thus creating the corn flake cereal.

This 1898 accident has actually totally transformed the meals for our breakfast. Today, the best escape for a healthy breakfast is Milk and cornflakes!

#3 Coca Cola

In 1886, pharmacist John Pemberton to relieve his headaches tried to come up with something on his own.

Originally mixed coca leaves with coca nuts when lab assistant accidentally mixed carbonated water into the recipe and Coca-Cola came into existence.

Sadly, Pemberton could not witness the myriad success of his product that was invented with no intention.

#4 Nintendo

Nintendo, before 1964 Olympics was popular for making playing cards. But the Olympics brought a revolution to the Japanese culture and card games were kind of seen as low-brow and childish. Nintendo’s sales decreased because of it.

One day the President, Hiroshi Yamauchi, visited the production house where he found an employee playing with a toy mechanical arm he had made on his own. Yamauchi loved it and ordered the company to start selling similar type of toys like electronic toys and gadgets.

Today, Nintendo is at its best in the corporate world with dominance for “video games”.

#5 Lego

Kirk Christiansen was a carpenter in Denmark when his workshop was burned down by his sons in 1924. Christiansen saw this as an opportunity to build a bigger workshop and expand his business.

After this, our carpenter was forced to decrease in every possible way, from staff to even the products he built. Rather than making full-blown houses and carpenters he started making little interlocking bricks.

Currently, lego pieces now outnumber humans 62 to one.

So now you know why sometimes when things aren’t going your way, there’s something better in store for you! It totally depends on our perspective and determination to do good.

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